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Timing, fuel filter & Check throttle body not sticking & get injectors cleaned professionaly. good luck.

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What would cause your 1996 jeep Cherokee to not up-shift right?

Transmission trouble

Trouble with water in fuel filter in a 2003 dodge diesel will it cause the truick from starting?

Water in the fuel will keep it from starting.

1999 grand Cherokee jeep transmission slips?

Low fluid condition will cause this.If level and condition of fluid is good..... you're in trouble.

What do bullies cause?

bullie cause trouble.

My 89 jeep Cherokee surges at idle and sometimes stalls but runs fine once you are going what could cause this?

im having the trouble dropping off at the this week will post after its fixed

What would cause a 1998 Cherokee to stall while driving and not start not even push starting it?

Check the crank angle sensor usually about $150 to replace

Could a dirty 1995 Sunfire GT fuel filter cause the vehicle to have trouble starting?

It COULD, but more likely it would just cause it to run poorly once it starts.

How do you say to cause trouble in french?

'to cause trouble' is 'perturber' in French. A troublemaker is spelled 'un perturbateur, une perturbatrice'.

What was the cause for the Cherokee treaty?

Because they lost the war

Can broken clavicle bones cause arthritis?

Perhaps it will have pain for awhile after it is healed.

Why does 04 neon's engine light come on and off and when its on the car has trouble accelerating and sometimes starting?

Have it checked for codes. The code should give an indication to the cause.

Do puppies cause trouble?

yes! wat do u thinkWhat's trouble?

How do you reset air bag light on 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Once the cause of the trouble code that turned the light on is repaired the light will turn itself off. You need to have a trained technician check the system for trouble codes and repair the problem. The airbag system is not a safe place for diy'rs.

What can cause a 98 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo to idle high when first starting it?

that would be the automatic choke working until engine warms up enuff not to need a choke

What would cause breathing to decrease?

smoking can cause lots of trouble.

What will cause a jeep grand Cherokee not to start?

check the battery

What Evil spirit that likes to cause trouble for humans with o and you in the word?

What Evil spirit that likes to cause trouble for humans with o and I in the word

How do you spell inconvenice?

INCONVENIENCE - (verb) to cause difficulty or trouble; (noun) trouble or difficulty

What would cause all power windows to only work once in awhile and defroster to go out on 2004 dodge ram?

what would cause all power windows to only work once in awhile and defroster to go out on a 1997 dodge intrepid

What behaviors cause trouble for Zeus?

his mouth

What did Cleopatra do to cause trouble?

she started a war

How much trouble does facebook cause?

None whatsoever. It is the users that cause problems.

What is a website contains content that describe a cause opinion or idea?

advocacy ...that one took me awhile

What would cause a 1991 Isuzu trooper to stall right after starting?

A person should be able to trouble shoot problems in a car. A vehicle would stall out after starting because of a failure in the fuel system, or it could be a bad O2 sensor.

How do you use the word cause in a sentence?

The word (cause)used in a sentence.Would it cause me trouble by bullying my sister?

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