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Worn trans or diff parts. If it gets worse, have it looked at.

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Q: What would cause a 1992 Buick Regal to clunk when put in reverse gear?
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Why would an '88 Buick Regal with about 120K miles make a loud clunk when you press your foot on the gas pedal?

Have the engine and trans mounts checked.

Why does your automatic transmission clunk when sliding shifter past reverse into park and lurch when you turn ignition off sometimes?

i would make sure that the engine is idling at the right rpm cause to fast of rpm can cause that for sure

Why does your 1989 Bronco II clunk when shifting and grind when engaged in first and reverse?

bad synco rings

What is causing my 1996 Saturn SL2 to clunk when shifted into reverse?

sounds like a motor or transmission mount is your likely problem

What are the symptoms of a busted motor mount?


Can bad tie rods cause noise?

They could squeak, rattle, bang , clunk.....

What does a bad universal joint feel like on a s10 truck?

when you change directions from forward to reverse it makes a clunk sound and there is a slit delay in movement.

Chevy avalanch makes a clunk when put into reverse?

it could possible be the U-Joint which is a cheap and easy fix. it's connected to your drive shaft.

Expedition clunk noise in reverse when applying brakes?

Pull the rear wheels off and check the brakes. Something may have broken or fell apart.

What causes the 3800 supercharged engine to clunk when starting a regal 1998?

The first thing that comes to mind if the "clunk" is only on starting is worn or broken motor mounts. Something is moving and allowing things to hit each other. A clunking that is intermittent while running may be a ball or roller bearinng going bad.

What causes your neck to go clunk on rotation?

You're a clunk-head...

What would cause a clunk under your truck when you switch gears?

A bad universal joint is one possibility.

93 ford tempo hitting the gas in reverse makes a lound clunk noise sometimes feels like smething drove into you when it happens easing the gas in reverse does not do this though what is the problem?

it may be the rear tranny mount

What would make a 1993 Pontiac grand am clunk when you put it in reverse and sometimes tick underneath while driving?

If the ticking is in time to wheel speed and most noticeable on turning I would suspect an outer CV joint. An inner axle joint might clunk when shifting into reverse. Maybe they're on the same axle. Other possible causes of clunking are worn-out motor mounts.

What could cause a clunk in a 2000 GMC pickup when shifting into drive?

Loose universal joint(s) in drive train.

What would cause 94 explorer front clunk?

It depends on when you hear the noise, but it likely a joint in the front wheel drive unit.

Clunking noise from shifting to park to reverse?

RWD? Could be a worn Universal Joint. There are infact number of causes for this. The U-joints are the most common cause but can easily identified by visual inspection and feeling for lash in the drive shaft. The next cause down the list is the rear diffirential as the gears ware down the lash will incresse causeing sudden "clank" or "clunk" sound as the car goes from neutrual/park to reverse/drive. Next potential cause is transmission related. Uncommon causes can be a warped or worn out suspention, causeing excessive driveshaft angles.

What would cause rear diff to clunk on my 94 suburban?

A bearing that has gone bad. A universal joint that has worn out allows play in the differential gear.

What can cause a clunk noise in the front of a 2002 ford escape?

lower control arm bushings are worn also stabilizer pins Had my replaced at about $570.00

99 passat V6 makes terrible clunk when shfting it to Reverse any ideas why you just had had the upper and lower control arms changed but still the same?

you probably need motor and/or transmission mounts

How to tell if 04 silverado has bad u-joints?

You will feel a definite high speed vibration when driving. And you'll hear a very distinctive "clunk" when shifting from drive to reverse or visa-versa.

What is an onomatopoeia for a bus accelerating?

Vrrrrrrroommm If the driver puts his foot down. Brrrr-clunk-rrrrr-clunk-rrrrrrrrr With added gear changes.

I have a 2002 Chevy Malibu with a 3.1 eng automatic trans.My question is What causes the trans to clunk when shifting from park into drive or reverse?

The rubber isolators in the engine mounts have worn out or the CV joints in the drive shafts are worn out.

I have a 2002 Chevy Malibu 3.1 engine what causes the transmission to clunk from park to drive or reverse when it warms up. I already replaced the trans but it still does the same?

could be bad mounts on either the tranny or engine?

What can cause a clunking noise when a car when excelerating and makes a turn?

One clunk when accelerating (but now repeated clunks) and another when braking can be caused by broken motor mounts.