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Have you look for dirt and water in transfer case, pumkins? drain the oil and add new in the pumkins takeoff inspection plate look to see what is going on. This will save you money especially if you can fix it yourself.

Grinding noise sounds like the linkage is not adjusted correctly.

check joints in front drive shaft

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Q: What would cause a 1992 Dodge Dakota to make a grinding noise in 4hi and 4lo?
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Grinding noise at wheels 03 Dodge Dakota?

check the guard behind the rotors could be rubbing

What would cause a grinding noise in the front of a 1990 Dodge Caravan?

The grinding noise in the front of a 1990 Dodge Caravan could be a cv joint. If it is, it probably only grinds when you take a sharp turn. There is one located on each side.

What would cause a grinding noise after a tire is replaced?

What would cause a grinding noise after a tire is replaced and the brakes are not worn?

What Causes the grinding noise in the transmission of a 1990 Dodge Dakota 3.9L V6 when put in park?

it sounds like your sprag in the tranny is starting to ware

What would cause blower motor on 2000 Dodge Durango to make a grinding noise?

it could be a rock or your cars not funny

What makes a grinding noise when turning the steering wheel?

A defective CV joint will make a grinding noise when you turn the steering will. A bad strut can also cause a grinding noise.

Your water pump is making grinding noise in 2001 dodge caravan?

The pump will need replaced if it is grinding.

Grinding noise in a 2000 Chevy Astro?

A 2000 Chevrolet automobile grinding noise can be caused by several things. The most common cause of a grinding noise is worn brake pads.

Grinding noise coming from the right side on your dodge neon?

Check the brakes for worn pads. The pad backer scraping the rotor is the most common cause of this type of noise.

What could cause a grinding noise in a 1990 Dodge truck that seems related to the speedometer?

If the grinding sound seems to be coming from the speedometer and grinds faster as your speed increases, the likely cause is the speedometer cable. At least some 1990 Dodge trucks (mine) have electric speedometers Len

Your dodge Dakota is making a clicking noise only when accelerating What is it?

Its usually a U joint. Click under acceleration . While turning,a CV joint. Grinding or moaning is usually a bearing.

What would cause a 1998 dodge dakota to produce a humming noise coming from the left front tire?

Check the wheel bearing.

What could cause a loud grinding noise when accelerating in a 1995 Dodge Ram?

Noises have to be heard to be correctly diagnoised. Check the motor mounts to see if they are broken.

Your ford explorer makes a grinding noise from the rear when you drive?

The rear of a Ford Explorer may have a grinding noise when driving, because the muffler may have came loose. The u joint may also be loose and cause a grinding noise.

What is the loud grinding noise coming from the engine of your 1997 Dodge Caravan?

Bearing going bad?

What would cause a 2006 F150 make a grinding noise when step on the throttle brake pads have all been replaced still have a grinding noise?

your barrins in the wheels

What would cause a grinding noise near the tires on a QX4?

bad rotors

What can cause a grinding noise in your front wheels while moving?

A small child

What would cause grinding noise gets louder at high speed?

wheel bearing

What would cause a loud noise on a 1992 3.9L Dodge Dakota when letting off the accelerator?

If it's a clunk sound, check universal joint bearings and drive shaft bolts. Otherwise please describe noise.

Would wheel bearings make a grinding noise?

Yes they can make a grinding noise, if they are bad.

Grinding noise when braking?

A grinding noise when braking can occur when the brake pads are going bad. You are hearing the brake grinding on the metal discs.

What would cause a grinding noise when accelerated?

I have been told it may be the Alternator eeding a refurb

What is the gear grinding sound your starter makes only during the instant the engine fires?

The noise is the teeth on the flywheel grinding on the teeth of the starter. Check to see if the starter is loose, this is the most common cause of that noise.

Could rusty rotors make a grinding noise?

Normally a rusty rotor would not make a grinding noise. A grinding noise from the brakes usually indicated that the pads or shoes are worn down.