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Bad plugs, bad wires, pluged fuel filter, dirty air filter...

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Q: What would cause a 1993 Buick Park Avenue supercharged to lose power?
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How much horse power does a 1997 Buick Riviera supercharged have?

The Buick Riviera with supercharger should put out 240hp

What would cause a 1994 Buick Park Avenue to lose power while driving?

It could be the spark plug wires that's what was wrong with mine.

How do you find the power steering receptacle on a 1991 Buick Park Avenue?

what are you takling about? no such thing!

Will not having enough oil in your 1994 Buick Park Avenue affect battery power?


Why does 95 Buick Park Avenue idle rough when brakes are applied?

Power brakes use engine vacuum to get their power. If the engine is out of tune, the loss of vacuum will cause it to run rough. Try changing the spark plugs.

Does a 91 Buick Park Avenue have a power steering belt?

The belt drives the power steering, water pump, and other things.

Where is the power steering reservoir on 2002 buick park avenue 3800 engine?

On the back side of the engine

What causes p1361 in 95 parkavenue?

The cause for an error code p1361 on a Buick Park Avenue is ignition control circuit low voltage. The power or wiring leading into the circuit is damaged or incorrect.

How do you reach the bolt on the water pump of a 1995 buick park avenue that is covered by a power steering pulley?

remove the power steering pump

Where is the power steering fluid cap on a 1987 buick park avenue?

Maybe on the passenger side near the firewall

Where is the power steering dipstick located on a 1999 Buick Park Avenue 3.8L supercharged engine?

Its sort of hidden. Its on the left side, when looking in with hood up, all the way in the back. You have to stick your hand down into it to get the cap off. In front of the passenger seat under a hose or two. Hope that helps!

On a buick 1992 park avenue what supplies power to the fuel pump relay?

The ECM powers the fuel pump relay

What type of antenna is stock on a 1994 Buick park avenue ultra?

power antenna, you can buy them from gm dealers for about $120

Where do you add power steering fluid to a 1999 Buick Park Avenue?

In the power steering pump. It is on the back of the engine on the right side. You will need a long funnal.

What would cause a 1997 Buick Riviera's power steering to fail?

the most likely cause of that would be the power steering pump failing.

Why is there no power to a 1991 Buick Park Avenue airconditioner pump?

Not knowing what you've done so far, have you checked your fuses yet ?

Why do I keep losing all my power steering fluid in your 1994 buick park avenue ultra?

most likely your power steering cooler is rotted through and is leaking

Where is the power steering reservoir on a 95 Buick Park Avenue LS located?

the power steering resavoir is on the back of the motor on the upper left hand side under the alternator.

How do you add power steering fluid to a 2000 Buick Park Avenue Ultra?

A person adds power steering fluid to this car under the hood. The lid to the reservoir is yellow and stamped with power steering.

Where is the power steering reservoir located on a 1998 Buick Park Avenue?

the power steering reservoir is located in the back left side of the engine as you are looking at it ... look down behind the alternator

Why does 1991 Buick Park Avenue lose all power when it's above 80 degrees outside?

Check for loose or corroded battery cables

Why would I have a loss of power on my 1995 Buick Park Avenue?

If the check engine light is on then have it scanned for codes. I could guess you into bankruptsy. It is cheaper to have it scanned and repaired.

Where's the power steering reservoir on a 1998 Buick Riviera supercharged?

I have a 97 SC and it is located between the firewall and engine on the drivers side of the car. It is low down on the engine on that side. Hard to see in poor light.

How much horse power does a 2002 Buick Park Ave have?

The naturally-aspirated 3.8l V6 produces 205 Horsepower and 230 foot-pounds of Torque. The Supercharged variant produces 240HP and 280 ft-lbs.

What can cause hard starting on 1992 Buick LaSabre?

check your power steering fluid...may be low