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Check tyres (all) for bulges,tread separation and for egg shape.failing that have your wheels balanced at a garage or tyre specialists. if you are sure that the front end of your vehicle is sound and in good repair tires wheel bearings ty-rods etc., the check to see if you have any slop or movement in your carrier bearing, or u-joints. some movement is normal if you shake your drive shaft from noon to six but you should have no movement if you shake it from three to nine. hope this helps.

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Location of oil sending unit on 1996 Nissan Altima?

On my 1996 Nissan altima the oil sending unit is located above the oil pan and below the oil filter on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Where is the water-pump located on a 1995 Nissan Altima?

Above the air conditioning compressor on the passenger side of engine and below the alternator.

What causes the car to hesitate when accelerating at speeds below 20mph?

Bad speed sensors can cause the car to hesitate when accelerating at speeds below 20 mph. The blockage of the air filters can also cause the car to hesitate when accelerating at speeds below 20 mph.

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Why would a car experience rapid vibration with a very loud low-frequency rumbling sound--softly at mid speeds and violently at high speeds when going straight or left but not when going right?

Although this is a general question, I'll help clarify the specific situation that caused me to ask: I have a 2000 Maxima that rumbles violently at highway speeds, but less so--if at all--when steering to the right. There is an audible rumbling sound that is very loud and low frequency, much like tires on gravel or rough asphault. The effect is abscent below 30, noticable at 50, and violent at 70. i had that problem with my civic it was the wheel barring

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get your tires balanced and make sure the air presure is the same in both of them

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See the link below.

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