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What would cause a 1993 Spirit 3.0L V6 engine to seize after only running 5 min and not start again?

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It depends... by Seize do you mean that the engine is locked up and wont turn at all. It could be a starter failure as if the starter went out or the Starter Solenoid causing the starter not to work or engage and by it not working or engaging it wont turn the engine over to start the vehicle... if it is turning over you have to check to see if your receiving fuel, then if you are, check for spark.

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What cause engine locks?

running with out engine oil

Can you replace a catalytic converter with a straight pipe on a 1998 dodge durango 5.9?

No. It is illegal, will cause a check engine light and running problems.No. It is illegal, will cause a check engine light and running problems.

What would cause the engine to idle very high and then it stalls out but if you give it some gas you can keep it running but again at a high idle?

Check the alternator.

Is running out of gas cause for the check engine light to come on?

Running out of gas my certainly be a cause for the check engine light to come on. It could also be an assortment of other issues.

What can cause the car to stall when running the ac?

An engine usually has a higher idle speed when the ac is running. If the high speed idle does not operate then the ac will cause the engine to stall.

Why would a 99 Mazda stop running then start and run fine again like nothing happened?

Many times an electronic fuel pump, that is going bad, will cause the engine to stop running and then start again. The fuel pump will eventually get worse.

What would cause my Toyota RAV4 to all of a sudden quit running and not start again?

The engine needs fuel, compression and spark. You are missing one of those.

If the 1995 buick century quits while driving and won't start again?

There are several reasons that can cause your 1995 Buick Century to quit running. The most common reason is a lack of fuel. A bad fuel pump can cause the engine to quit running.

Will a bad water pump cause a 97 dodge advener to not run?

Typically no but if you ran an engine long enough with a bad water pump catastrophic damage could occur to the engine to prevent it from running again.

What will happen if you don't have a air filter in your car?

Not having one, will allow particles in and effect your engine and cause damage and cause your engine to stop running. It can also be dangerous and cause an engine fire.

What can cause engine to just cut out while running?

Crank angle sensor

What can cause white smoke from a diesel?

Moisture in the exhaust, or a cold running engine.

What will cause the engine to stop running while driving?

You've run out of fuel...

Can a abs brake sensor cause an engine to stop running?

No it will not. YOU have another problem.

What causes your engine to backfire and die after running about 20 mins Sits awhile and runs like new again then will do same thing over and over?

this can be cause by the crank position sensor if the fuel pump is running well then the only thing that cold cause the problem is crank position sensor

Can a damaged head gasket directly damage your radiator?

No, but it can cause severe engine damage if you keep running the engine.

Will disconnecting a battery cable cause a 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt's engine to stop running?

Yes, and disconnecting the battery while the engine is running can severely damage the computers

Can running smaller tires cause check engine light to come on?

Smaller tires should not cause the check engine light to come on. Smaller tires will cause the speedometer to be off.

What could cause a whistling noise while running air conditioning?

A bad compressor belt can cause a whistling noise while running the air conditioner. A bad engine can also cause this noise.

Can No oil in an engine not running cause damage?

No, but you need to make sure that whenever you decide to run that engine in a car you have oil in it.

Can an engine running at too low of a temperature cause moisture buildup in the oil?

Yes, it can.

Could a bad egr valve in a Chevy cause the engine not to restart after it has been running?

A bad EGR valve should not cause the engine to not start. There is most likely another problem that is causing the engine to not start.

Webkinz is underconstrution cause you can not get in?

They were just re- vamping. It is now open again, and running smoothly.

How do you know if the motor mount on a S-40 Volvo is bad?

You can feel the engine running inside the car not necessarily vibration but it can cause vibration but for sure you can feel the engine running at your foot.

What would cause a loud knocking noise in engine upon starting?

Running too lean.