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What would cause a 1994 Geo Tracker brake lights to stop working?


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2016-08-20 00:18:03
2016-08-20 00:18:03

Have you first checked the fuse, that's the first place to look. The second place if the fuse is OK is the brake light switch and that;s on the brake pedal bracket, check the wires and just press the brake pedal and listen to see if you can hear it working, someone to look at the lights is helpful.


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The BOO (Brake On/Off) Switch may need to be replaced. If it is bad, it would cause the brake lights to NOT illuminate when the brake pedal is applied.

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A bad ground wire is the most common cause of turn signals and brake lights not working. The ground wire connection might be corroded.

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Blown fuse, bulb, or bad brake light switch.

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Check the bulbs, fuse & brake light switch on the pedal.

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