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You probably have a vacuum leak somewhere. Check your hoses and intake manifold and throttle body gaskets. Many possible issues, the links provided below may be helpful, especially if you can get a diagnostic trouble code from your vehicle.

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Q: What would cause a 1995 Cadillac Concours idle to surge or be too fast?
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What would cause a 2000 Toyota Tacoma to surge at idle and while driving?

maybe the clutch

What would cause the rpms and the car to surge in 2001 Oldsmobile alero?

The RPMs and the engine of the 2001 Oldsmobile Alero might surge if there is a problem with the oxygen or fuel sensor. It may also surge if there is a problem with the fuel injectors or the fuel filter.

Why would a 1990 Blazer's engine surge up and down?

Any number of things could cause your vehicle to surge. You need to take your vehicle to a tune-up shop and have it diagnosed.

What would cause a 240V motor to surge?

Your air compressor drive belt is loose, Tighten it up! geterdone

What would cause a 1990 cadillac not to have running lights?

Most likely a blown fuse

What would happen if a surge protector had a very low resistance at all voltages?

If a surge protector had a very low resistance at all voltages, all of the power and voltage would go to the surge protector instead of the computer. Basically, the only thing that would get power would be the surge protector.

Can you use two single phase surge protectors instead of one three phase surge protector?

Each line would need a surge protector so you would need 3 single-phase surge protectors.

What would cause a diesel engine to surge at idle?

The first things to check are the air intake, the fuel pump/filter and the governor.

What is a sentence for surge?

The laptop would not have been fried if it had been plugged into a surge protector.

How could you use surge in a sentence?

I would not go surfing today. There is a storm surge coming. I noticed a surge in the electricity before the light burned out. After drinking coffee, I had a surge of energy.

What would cause a shaft to not spin with the pulley on a cadillac eldorado1995does that mean it needs tightened?

Most likely.

What will happen if a surge protector had a very high resistance at all voltages what will happen?

If a surge protector had a very high resistance at all voltages, the wires in the surge protector would short out. It would kick off the protector and make it useless. A new surge protector would need to be purchased.

What would cause 2000 Ford expedition to surge 300 to 500 RPM while idling?

IAC (Idel Air Control Valve)

What would happen if a surge protector had a very high resistance at all voltages?

The surge protector would let the surge go through to destroy the computer. <<>> With very hgh resistance, vey little current would flow.

What would cause your 2001 Cadillac Catera to smoke and have a funny smell?

Rocker cover gaskets need to be replaced.

What would cause the heat to stop working and engine to run hot on a 1996 Cadillac deville?

Heater coil

What would cause a enginge to surge when you give it gas in park?

If it is a newer vehicle you are probably hitting the rev limiter. The computer will cause the engine to cut out when it reaches a certain RPM too quickly.

What would cause a dead TV after lightning?

A power surge caused by lightning may have killed it. If you have homeowners or renters insurance, they may help replace it.

What would cause 1990 Pontiac 305 surge on start-up and run crappy until warmed up?

Bad EGR valve

Would a Vehicle Speed Sensor cause the cruise control on a 2001 Eclipse to surge?

Yes it would because it also controls the speedometer and odometer, change it and that should fix your problem.

What would cause the power locks and the interior lights on a 90 cadillac brougham stop working?

Possibe blown fuse

What would cause a blower motor not to blow when it has been replaced in a 2000 Cadillac deville?

A bad resistor or a bad switch.

What would cause 92 Saturn SL2 to surge only around 30 mph?

the serpentine belt may be slipping then grabbing as the tranny shifts gears.

What would cause your automatic door lock fuse to blow during a jump start on a 2000 Navigator?

Power surge. Replace the fuse and it should be OK.

What would cause power surge in a 91 ford escort?

A power surge under a load is probably the transmission slipping. If its a manual transmission the pressure plate is slipping on the disc. If it is an automatic most likely it is a worn clutch pack slipping. If it surges at idle with the tranny in park the surge is usually a defective IAC (Idle Air Control) valve.