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What would cause a 1995 Mazda 929 to make a rattling noise in the rear that is audible when the car gets warmer but not when first driving off?


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2004-12-05 19:29:51
2004-12-05 19:29:51

That would probably be a heat shield on the exast system.The will not raddle until it heats up and the metal expands.The easiest and cheapest way to fix it is to just take it off.It should not effect anything.It's just something that is more of a anoince than anything else.Hope that helps.Good luck


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Your Mazda Protege might make rattling noises when parked because of a loose or damaged muffler or even body panels that are loose. It might also make a rattling noise because of a damaged motor mount.

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The best way to stop the rear brakes on a Mazda 626 from rattling would be to replace them. New brakes can cost between $20 and upwards of $100 depending on the quality of the brakes.

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Many different things can cause a rattling noise in a Mazda tribute. Stark by checking the engine belts and all brackets for anything that could be loose and causing a rattle.

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