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Blown fuse, bad fan motor, or defective Thermal Relay.

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Q: What would cause a 1995 Pontiac Firebird cooling fan to stop working and overheat?
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What would make a 1991 Pontiac sunbird overheat the water pump was changed and the cooling fan is working?

Stuck thermostat, clogged radiator.

Why does a 1995 Pontiac firebird constantly overheat even after all parts are replaced?

Low coolant? Cooling fan not working? Defective water pump? System airbound? Thermostat not opening? Hoses collapsing under pressure Radiator plugged or flow restricted? Defective radiator cap?

Why would a 2002 Pontiac Montana overheat while your idleing?

Low coolant Water pump not working properly Cooling fan not working Thermostat not opening fully Radiator plugged or dirty Check the radiator fan.

What would make the engine overheat?

Blockage in the cooling system No or little fluid in the cooling system Radiator fan not working

Why does a Camry overheat when the air is set to recirculate?

Low coolant? Cooling fan not working?

Why does AC stop working after a while and the car will overheat when AC is on on a 1995 Nissan 240sx?

Cooling fan not working, or your cooling system needs a complete service. The cooling fan should be on continuously when the A/C is on.

What would cause a car to overheat when idling?

The radiator cooling fan is most likely not working.

Does running the ac in extreme hot weather cause engine to overheat?

If coolant is up to proper level and cooling fans are working - should not overheat

Why would an engine overheat at intersections only on 1993 Mercury Topaz?

Evidently the cooling fan is not working.

Why your car is overheat when you turned on the air con?

It sounds like your cooling is not working when you turn on the a/c system...........

What causes a 91 subaru impreza to overheat?

A 1991 Subaru Impreza might overheat because of a leaking cooling system or because of a damaged thermostat. You might also have a damaged or leaking radiator or a cooling fan that is not working.

Why does a car overheat in high speed?

Type your answer here... your cooling may be not working and you might have a partially plugged radiator

Is it possible for you to start your car if the heating coil is not working?

Yes, but there may be blockage in the cooling system which could cause your car to overheat.

What is causing a 97 Geo Prizm to overheat when the fluid level in the radiator is full?

You could have a stuck thermostat or your cooling fans aren't working.

Your turn signals stop working and fuse is good hazzard lights work but no turn signals?

my turn signals do not work in my 1992 Pontiac Firebird

Why would a 03 Chevy Silverado 5.3 overheats when air condition is on?

I would suspect the cooling fan is not working properly. One of more of the cooling fans should run continuously when the A/C is on. If not the engine will overheat.

Why does my Chevy Venture overheat when idling but is fine when driving?

Check coolant level Cooling fan working? Dirt or clogged radiator? Defective radiator cap?

Why might the turn signals in the dash of a 2000 Pontiac Firebird not work?

If the turn signals in the dash don't work, what about the outside front and rear turn signals? Working? Not working? If it's not working, replace the turn signal relay under the dash.

What fuse can cause a 1998 Lincoln continental to either overheat or shut off?

Simple things are : electric cooling fans not working, You have air in your cooling system, water pump is failing. The real bad, you blew a Head Gasket

The Cooling fan is not working on my 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix Is it just the fuse?

More likely the temp. sensor. Yes it could be the relay

Replaced thermostat and sensor and gauge on 1989 Chevy Celebrity will overheat when driving in city where it is stop and go but driving on highway it will be stay at normal. Why does it overheat?

Possibilities: Cooling fan not working. Low on coolant. Clogged radiator, radiator hose or block.

What cause 95 dodge spirit overheat at 70 miles an hour?

Possibly a clogged or restricted radiator Low coolant Cooling fan not working Thermostat not opening fully

What would cause the fuel pump to stop working on a 1995 Pontiac firebird?

Blown fuse, defective fuel pump relay, clogged fuel filter, or the pump itself is defective.

Why does the computer automatically shutdown without any error message soon after it starts?

Might be a virus or power problem. Also, check the cooling fan. If the cooling fan isn't working properly, your system can quickly overheat and will shut itself off.

Why does your 99 Honda civic dx overheat when stopped?

More than likely the cooling fan is not working. Can be a blown fuse, defective fan motor, or defective temperature sensor relay.