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i hade the same problem with mine turns out mine was caused by the distributer being faulty. not sure if it is the same with yours but it is worth a try. if that does not work try testing your O2 sensor or idle sensor.



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โˆ™ 2015-07-17 17:40:21
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Q: What would cause a 1995 Suzuki Sidekick to knock and surge when it is cold but not after it warms up and how do you fix the problem?
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Why does your suzuki 1000 Alto car knock?

Cause they are junk? Next time go with GM or Chrysler

Would the lifters be the cause of your knock in your 2 2 liter 1994 cavalier?

Lifters dont really knock, they chatter. You may have a bigger problem.

What is the likely cause of code PO327 on inspection report?

Problem with Knock Sensor circuit #1

What problem could the knock sensor cause on your car?

If the knock sensor failed the CEL (Check Engine Light) would be illuminated and the engine may "ping" or "spark knock" under load. Serious "spark knock" can damage the engine if allowed to continue.

Would a bad torque converter cause the motor to knock?

No, it will not cause the engine to knock.

Any way to temporarily repair plug for Knock sensor on 1993 Chevy blazer k1500 to get it to start to get it home?

You have another problem other then the knock sensor if the engine will not start and run. A knock sensor will not cause the engine not to run.

Can knock sensor cause spark knock?

yes when it is not working properly

Will the knock sensor cause the car not to start?

No it will not. The knock sensor is used to adjust the timing.

Can a knock cause bearings to go?

A knock probably means a bearing has already gone.

Ferrari enzo v suzuki hayabusa drag?

I would say the Suzuki it's the fastest motorcycle in the world but the Enzo Ferrari is pretty good to I wouldn't knock either of them.

What can happen if a knock sensor is bad?

the motor could pre-detonate or "knock" that can cause damage

Can worn spark plugs cause engine knock?

Worn spark plugs would cause mis-firing or non firing cylinders, both are no good for the engine, replacing the plugs may stop the knock (Could also be a different problem) But you should replace spark plugs as soon as possible.

Where is the knock sensor on a 2002 suzuki xl-7 2.7 L engine located?

On Back of the Engine

My 98 camaro is shaking you replaced the plusand wires but the problem contines and the check engine light is on what could be the problem?

bat motor mounts cause the shaking a knock sensor realizing its shaking is the light get new mounts

How does a knock sensor go bad?

In most cases corrosion will cause a knock sensor to go bad. The knock sensor can also be shorted out by an electrical surge.

Will old plugs cause a knock sensor code?

No it will not.

If a knock sensor goes bad will it cause motor not to start?

No. Worst case senario with a bad knock sensor is check engine light, and bad fuel economy. Also spark knock, which if not taken care of can cause excessive heat to build in the engine and cause premature failure.

Can a bad knock sensor cause the car do start bad?

It will cause it to run sluggishly.

Would a knock sensor cause the engine to run rich?

No it will not.

Can a defective knock sensor cause bad mileage?


When the knock sensor is disconnected what happen to the car?

Nothing will happen to the car if you disconnect the knock sensor. It just will not detect a problem if there happens to be one.

Would a bad ignition coil cause the vehicle to buck or engine to knock?

As you did not say which vehicle this can only be a general answer Unlikely that a faulty coil would cause an engine to knock. Very possible it would cause bucking, if the coil is failing there would be a lack of spark. This would cause bucking/missfire, which may cause the engine to shake on it's mountings possibly causing a knock from contact with the vehicle frame.

Why was the Battle of Britain historically significant?

It failed to knock Great Britain out of the war, keeping the Allied cause alive.

What would cause a 96 Chevy Blazer to knock and pig at 40mph and lose power?

engine misfire. i have a '96 Chevy blazer but i don't have that problem, i was reading reviews on the car and found out that some of them do that.

Will a knock sensor make your 95 cavalier not run?

No it will not cause it not to run.