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Hey Susan==Change the fuel filter and see if that cures it. If not have the fuel pump preasure checked. GoodluckJoe My '96 T-Bird with 4.6 L OHC engine starts to miss sometimes due to spark jumping across the ceramic of the plugs from the top to the base. Cleaning out the plug hole in the head and replacing the plug with a new one corrects the problem. Usually only one or two at at time start to do this. On my car, the cylinder at the front passenger side is the most frequent, but others have done it too. You can see a black trace down the ceramic on the plug where an electrical path has formed. It's amazing that the spark will jump so far (about 3/4" or more) down the ceramic on the outside of the plug, rather than going inside the plug where it's supposed to go and jump about a 0.050 inch gap. Thanks guys for the reply & suggestions. We did solve the problem. It was the spark plugs. They were gapped too wide. After that was fixed, everything worked fine. Susan

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Q: What would cause a 1996 Ford Thunderbird to start 'missing' as if not getting any gas or something going up an incline while attempting to accelerate?
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