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I have a 1997 Ford Escort too, and this just happened to me. I came here for help, and found the same thing as some of the other answer-ers: There was a little blue, plastic washer that was functioning as a pad to the brake "button." The button has to be fully compressed when the brakes are at rest in order to turn the brakes off. So, either get that little part replaced, or figure out some kind of temporary solution--I just wedged a piece of the washer back in there so the lights stay off when I'm parked.


Take your vehicle into a auto electrical shop and have them look for a short in the wiring system. I only mention a "auto electrical shop" in case you have such a specific repair facility. These are great shops cause they know auto electrical systems! Case in point was my 94 LX when I spent $$$ finding out why my car would die suddenly without warning(very dangerous like on the highway?. "Ford" dealership couldn't find the problem, the auto electrical shop found it in 30 min, cost me $60, and it turned out to be the ignition switch!


I don't know about the escort, but I had the same problem with another car. There was a switch under the brake pedal that turns the lights on. The pedal was sitting too low and continually pressing on the switch.


as did i with a 95 Ford Contour my problem was the switch was out of allignment


I had the same problem with my 99 Escort Sport. I noticed I was missing a rubber stopper about the size of a nickel on the brake pedal switch. It had broken off and fallen under my seat. Once I put the stopper back on, the brake lights turned off.

Same thing on a 2000 Ford Contour, except there was no rubber stopper. Instead the switch had merely fallen out of the bracket. Instead just put the switch back in the bracket - half turn and it's set.

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I have a 1997 ford escort sport When i turn on the head lights all interior lights go out?

How's your battery, is the car starting properly. Maybe the battery or alternator.

How do you reset warning lights on a 1997 ford escort lx?

Take the negative battery terminal off for 15 minutes.

Why won't your 2002 escort zx2 start with a new battery No lights will come on no power at all?

Have you tested the battery to see if it has power in it? If it has have you made sure the contacts are good? If they are is there a fuse that has blown.

What is killing your battery in your 2000 Lincoln LS?

If the battery is running down if it sits for a long period of time then either something is on that is pulling power from the battery or the battery has a dead cell. Check the under hood, glove box, trunk, & interior lights. Also check the brake lights. In rare cases it can be a stuck relay such as a power window relay. If it has a dead cell the only fix is to purchase a new battery. That one dell cell will continually run the battery down.

What would cause the brake lights on a 98 Ford Escort to stay on all night and kills the battery?

Either the brake light switch or on brake pedal there is a button that pushes the switch and it fell out.

What does the battery do in a car?

if you leave any lights on in the car you may cause you a flat battery. if you leave any lights on in the car you may cause you a flat battery.

I have a 91 escort Gt that the lights won't come on and the engine will not crank over but the battery is fully charged and the starter is checked ok by auto zone.?

Sounds like a connection problem from the battery to the car. Easiest way to find out is to get a jump start from another car, if it works then it's the battery, if not then is either the battery cable or an alarm/immobiliser that is still armed.

Can a 9v battery power 12v lights?

The lights will be dim and last only a few minutes then the battery will be very dead.

Where to find oil pump on 2003 Ford Escort zx2?

you would have dimming lights lack of electrical functions and after the voltage of the battery drops past a certain point your vehicle would stop running

Why does your ATV battery go dead after using lights?

The magnatron is not recharging the battery or the lights are drawing too much power to allow the battery to recharge. The best thing you can do is when you are done riding, turn the lights off and allow the machine to run for a while to recharge that battery.

Is there a fuse for dashboard lights ford escort 1996?

Fuse should be marked and also control parking and tail lights

Lawn Tractor will not crank Battery replaced?

Check headlights and dashboard lights first. If no/minimal power for the lights then replace battery.

Does a 1977 Honda xl125 need a battery to run?

Well, that depends on whether you still have the lights and blinkers, ect. If there are not lights, blinkers, brake lights, or horn, then you do not need a battery to run this bike. If you do have these items, then you would need a battery

Can you take the power for car lights straight from a car battery?

When your lights are on and your engine is not running you are taking the power for your car lights directly from your battery. If you leave them on long enough, you will run down your battery and your car will not start. Then you will need a jump.

What are the buttons on the back of the ibook g4 battery?

Pressing the button on an iBook's battery will illuminate a string of lights; the number of lights illuminated indicates how much charge is left in the battery.

Your 94 Ford escort lx 1.9l wont start but all the lights on dash and radio come on is your starter out or if not what could be wrong?

Yes, a bad starter or starter solenoid can be the reason for a car not starting but all the lights coming on. It could be a battery going bad or being drained.

Do hazard lights work when battery is dead?

Hazard Light versus Dead BatteryNO, IF the battery is truly dead, then the hazard lights will not work.However, if there is some power left in the battery, even though the voltage may be extremely low, then the hazard lights maycontinue to work.

How do you run Christmas lights on batteries?

You will have to buy battery powered Christmas lights.

Are the dash lights and the tail lights on the same fuse in a 1991 ford escort gt?

No the tail lights are in the fuse box on the drivers side the dash lights are just bulbs you have to replace when they burn out.

What could be wrong with your 93 Ford Escort if it won't start and the dash light and inerior lights don't work but the headlights come on after you replaced the battery?

Try cleaning the battery connectors, and then apply die-electirc grease. Probably not making good contact. This could be two separate problems. Dash and interior lights can be a bad fuse. Second, if the starter cranks over with a new battery, check your electronic fuel pump, and or your kill switch.

How long does it take for a car battery to drain if lights left on?

if the battery is in good condition and the lights are standard then 3 hours might be enough so it will not be able to restart itself but this may vary according to battery size condition and lights wattage.

How do you replace flip up lights?

Turn the lights on then disconnect the battery. This well keep the lights in the up position.

Will hazzards work on your car if your battery dies?

The hazard lights get their power from the battery so if the battery is dead they will not work.

Where do brake lights draw their energy from?

Brake lights draw their energy from the vehicle's battery.

Why might a car wont start if the lights stayed on?

you drain your battery when you leave your lights on

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