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What would cause a 1998 Grand Am to blow anti-freeze all over the motor?


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2005-01-19 18:21:47
2005-01-19 18:21:47

I would suspect a busted hose or radiator. Should be very easy to find the source of the leak.


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If it's coming from lower front I'd say water pump

If it is motor oil in the anti freeze, then it is either a cracked head, cracked engine block, or a head gasket blown. If it is transmission fluid in your antifreeze, then the radiator is leaking from the transmission cooler ----- although usually that would cause antifreeze to be in your transmission fluid.

Intake manifold gaskets are leaking, intake manifold is warped.

If you drive with no antifreeze in your radiator you could ruin the motor. At a minimum you would probably blow a head gasket. The worse thing that can happen is that the motor will freeze up.

If it comes from the side of the motor and not from another source such a a leaing hose, then it is almost deffinatly a leaking head gasket. not a cheap or easy fix.

antifreeze keeps your car from overheating, it flows thru your radiator hose, without it your motor would blow

A 1992 Mercury Grand Marquis would have come from the factory with a 50 / 50 mix of distilled water and GREEN color antifreeze ( meeting Ford specification ESE-M97B44-A )

the most common cause would be a stuck closed thermostat.

That depends entirely on which motor and It's coolant capacity. An average would be about 2.5 gallons

would a cracked blocked cause a car to bubble antifreeze inside the reservoir of a 97 ford taurus ?

Are you sure the thermostat is installed correctly, or is it low on antifreeze? I would check the antifreeze level first.

yes, if you have coolant in the oil the oil doesn't give the rod bearings the lubrication that they need, they then overheat, and fail.

If its a V6, the 2000 grand am would have to be a GT. If it's a 4 cyl, then yes it could fit.

You probably used the wrong type of antifreeze. You should use the type for aluminum heads.

if it smells like antifreeze inside the cockpit then your problem is the heatercore, since you can't see it.

yes it should bolt right up as well as the original motor and tranny

It would be a good thing to see where it is leaking from....

no, why would it have antifreeze?

Mixing the new red antifreeze with the green can cause it to look rusty and will form a sludge. If someone is topping off your antifreeze recovery tank during oil changes with the wrong product could be one cause.

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