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What would cause a 1999 Ford Escort ZX2 service engine soon light to flash once the car has hit 50 mph for a couple minutes and give a computer readout of 1 and 4 misfire and random misfire?


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2007-01-04 19:18:28
2007-01-04 19:18:28

I would be suspicious of the ignition module.Mine had same problem I replaced the plug wires and now all better. I had #2 cylinder misfire reporting on 1998 Ford Escort ZX2. I noted that I could force SES light to flash at high RPM also. (Flashing light indicates misfire in progress. Serious for engine.) Replacement of plugs and wires resolved the issue. This was well overdue, and plugs showed burn damage to electrodes. It also could be your fuel injectors going out. Id change plugs and wires first, and see if it helps. Does it always come on only when you get to 50? Or does it come on when you accelerate, say, going uphill?


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It means the computer is detecting a misfire on those cylinders, the most common cause is worn spark plugs or spark plug wires. I would recomend replaces both then clear the computer codes and see if the service engine light comes back on.

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disconeect the battery for a few minutes that will reset the computer and remove the service light signal

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An engine cylinder misfire has been detected

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This happens when there is an Active Misfire, or a urgent pending service matter. Get your codes checked.

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