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Fuel Pump problem or clogged converter

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Q: What would cause a 2005 KIA RIO to lose power going up hills?
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What would cause a 1988 Mazda 323 to not have or have very little power from first to second gear Or to have to gear down going up hills?

I had this problem several times and brought it to my mechanic. He informed me that the clutch was going bad thus resulting in a loss of power. Fixed the clutch and my problem dissappeared!

Why would your 86 Toyota 22r carb rebuilt engine truck lose power going uo hills?


Why would a 98 jeep wrangler feel weak It is hard to push it past 55. It loses power going up slight hills even in 4th gear.?

The first possibility is the fuel pump. The other problem may be that the vacuum hose has came off this would cause a substantial loss of power as well.

What would cause a car to not want to take off when started or want to go up any type of hills?

That would be your transmission Also do not forget to check your spark plug cables. I had an issue going up hills and it turned out to be the cables.

What would cause a power wire to burn from the starter to the battery?

why would my starter wire burn, going from starter to battery

Your 94 Jeep Cherokee has no power going to the coil what would cause this?

bad starter or starter solenoid.

What would cause 150cc scooter to lose power?

what would cause a 150cc scooter to lose power?

What would cause a 99 Legacy Outback to lose power while going up hills you have to press on the gas for more power?

Have you checked to see if you are leaking any oil while you're traveling uphill? Loss of engine oil will cause your car to lose power, and eventually blow your engine if you don't replenish it. How much power are you losing? Every car will slow down when you're going up a hill and will require you to push harder on the gas to maintain the same speed. A bad knock sensor will cause very weak acceleration. This happened on two of my subarus. It is an easy fix and improves the situation immediately.

What would cause a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo to lose power when accelerating while going up hill?

There are several reasons that made cause an automobile to lose power going up a hill. The most common reason is a lack of fuel, caused by a plugged fuel filter.

What makes the power steering in a 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier squeak or whine?

low fluid would cause this or the pump could be going out

What would cause your car to die up hills?

Lots of things. Not much gasoline could cause it because you would be using gravity to pull the gas to the back of the tank. Your engine might just not be strong enough to get your car up hills.

If a big storm was going to hit your town this wweekend and there was a high risk of a power outage what would you do?

If a big storm was going to hit town on the weekend and cause a power outage there are many things one can do. One should try and stay with family in another town.

What would cause a 1 ohm 1 watt resistor to burn out without power going through it?

W/o power going through, it won't burn out. It may shake itself to bits, corrode, or fail through other mechanical reasons. But burn out require power through it.

If there is no hills in nepal the rainfall would not occur and nepal would remain like desert?

.If there is no hill in Nepal it cause less rainfall but it would not be like desert.

What would cause a 1997 Buick Riviera's power steering to fail?

the most likely cause of that would be the power steering pump failing.

Can you save gas by coasting down hills?

Yes coasting downhill will save you fuel. However do not do this with a vehicle equipped with automatic transmission. You will damage the automatic transmission by coasting. You can do this with a manual transmission but do not shut the engine off. This would cause you to loose power steering and power brakes.

What would cause the power steering light to come on while running the ac on a 2001 mercury cougar?

low or leaking power steerinng pump fluid or hoses, loose belt on power steering belt or power steering pump going bad

What would cause a 1997 jimmy to for about 1 hour then stop?

Could be that your alternator is not working so you only have the power of your battery keeping you going for 1 hour.

Where would one find the Misty Hills Country Hotel?

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What would cause the AC blower fan in a 1989 Caprice Classic to stop working?

The most common problems will be with either the power or the ground going to the the blower motor.................

What would cause the AC not to turn on?

No power.

98 stratus stalls going up long shallow hills but not going up short hills?

It is a fuel proplem. It may be a weak fuel pump, bad float in the tank, or a clogged filter. I would put my money on the pump going bad. It is a fuel proplem. It may be a weak fuel pump, bad float in the tank, or a clogged filter. I would put my money on the pump going bad.

Would a PCV valve cause your truck to lose power?

NO it would not.

What would cause my throttle to be at maximum when in neutral and when moved to max power and in gear goes to minimum power bg when initially turned on would not go into gear and throtted worked?

Without more specific information, I'm going to take a guess and say it is wired backwards.

What would cause daytime running lights and check engine light and power windows and instrument gauges and lights to quit working as working?

All of these parts run on electricity, and for all of them to fail would be bad. Bad or burnt wiring could cause them not to work, or a alternator going bad could cause them not to work as well.