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the click was most likely a fuse blowing and could be the one that runs the fuel pump. as a fuel pump goes bad it takes more and more ampridge to make it run until it finaly over loads the fuse.

I had a similar thing happen on my Nissan Maxima and it turned out to be the cam shaft position sensor. This was determined after the service engine soon light came on so ther was finally a code to read from the computer. I now have the same thing as you describe happening on my 3000gt vr-4. The dealer had it for 2 weeks and couldn't recreate it. No check engine light as of yet. I see your post was in June - did you ever figure out what it was?

The problem is your ECM module. Just Google your make and year of the car and type in "clicking behing the dash board". It will take you through how to repair the circuit board. All you need is to buy the capicators and solder them into place, or buy and new or used one. I bought the capicators at a local hobby shop and it worked! I have a 1991 3000GT Sl.

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Q: What would cause a 93 3000GT to start but after running a little while it dies and you hear a little click from the console just before it dies then it wont restart any ideas?
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