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What would cause a 94 Ford Escort to make loud noise when pushing the gas pedal after hitting a pothole on the freeway?


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2004-11-13 13:23:29
2004-11-13 13:23:29

Does the noise happen all the time you push on the gas pedal or only at certain speeds?


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The question wasn't clear, but there is a fuel cutoff switch located in the trunk normally that can get triggered during an accident or even hitting a hard bump or pothole. Mine tripped on my 1994 escort when I hit a large pothole on a dirt road. Anyway, there is a cover you open and you can reset it there.

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Fuel cutout switch is a safety item. It functions only in the event of a vehicle rollover, by cutting off the fuel supply from the gas tank. This is designed to limit the amount of free fuel in the event of a fire. ======================================================= Also , in a collision or maybe hitting a bad pothole , anything that jars the vehicle enough

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The 1996 Ford Escort had a self-adjusting system. If pushing on the pedal will not solve the problem, you are most likely going to need to change the ratchet system in the pedal.

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Try checking the gas cap. if it is not tight, the engine light tends to come on at random times

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