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burned rotorbug

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Q: What would cause a 94 camaro z28 to turn over but have no spark?
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Why wont your 1991 camaro start it cranks over but wont run?

the first thing I would check is, fuel, spark, coil, ignition module

What would cause my 1997 Nissan Pathfiner to turn over but not start?

No spark No fuel No compression

What would cause a car to turn over but not start?

No Fuel Or no spark you need to check the spark be taking one spark plug out resting it on the manifold have someone turn over car do not touch spark plug but look at the bottee if you have a spark if not change your distributor cap

Can spark plugs cause over heating?


What would win a shelby or a Camaro?

To me, I think the Shelby mustang would win over the camaro.Because the Shelby mustang has more horsepower that the camaro

1988 Chevy Camaro will turn over but will not start?

The engine needs spark, fuel and compression to run. You have one of those missing.

Would bad spark pugs cause a car to crank over and not start rite away?

Yes, and so would bad plug wires.

What would cause a 1989 Chev 305 to turn over but not start?

Would likely be caused by a lack of fuel, lack of air, or lack of spark.

Who would win 1995 3.8L v6 Camaro with a exhaust or 07 v6 3.5L charger stock?

the camaro would walk over the charger.

What would cause 2003 ford explorer not to start it just keeps turning over and won't start?

Either no spark or no gas

What would cause a 1997 dodge stratus to just die and will turn over but not engage?

Check for spark at the plugs. Check for fuel to the engine.

What would cause an 87 Toyota supra to not start but it turns over?

check for fuel and spark. I would first start by wiggling the cam position sensor wires.

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