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nothing unless the mechanics took your car off roading

2008-05-09 05:14:22
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Q: What would cause a 95 mercury mystique strut to clang and pop after an alternator replacement?
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What if your 1995 Mercury Mystique stalled and stopped while driving Engine Cranks will not start again Battery Alternator and Starter are good What else would cause this?

check your timing belt

Mercury grand marquis will not start?

A bad starter can cause a Mercury Grand Marquis to not start. A bad alternator or a problem with the security system can be the cause for the car not starting.

Why 91 Mercury Capri alternator not charging?

The most probable cause is that the voltage regulator has failed. The regulator is an integral part of the alternator so you will probably have to replace it.

What could cause a Ford Expedition 1999 alternator to overcharge within weeks of a new replacement?

Bad voltage regulator - not sure whether it is internal to the alternator or a separate unit

What would cause a loud winding noise in a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer?

Bearing in: Alternator? Water pump? A/C Compressor? Belt tensioner?

What would cause the battery to not charge even when the alternator tests good on a 93 Mercury Cougar?

the battery could have a dead cell, this could cause it to not charge. Have the battery tested to be sure.

What would cause a 1998 Mercury Villager to start only with a jump?

Dead battery? Battery cables in need of cleaning or replacement?

Why does the 2000 Mercury Cougar keeping burning up alternators?

aerodnamics are such that there isn't much airflow past the alternator and high loads cause them to overheat

What would cause a battery to drain in a 1989 mercury sable if it is not the power cords or alternator?

dead cell in the battery or something is on pulling power from the battery.

Why do i have a Misfire after putting in new alternator?

"Misfiring" After Installation of a New AlternatorRemoval and replacement of an alternator should not causemisfiring of the engine.Either this is a coincidence, OR whoever changed the alternator inadvertently damaged the ignition wiring system.The "fix" for this problem is to have someone who knows what he/she is doing to fully troubleshoot the ignition system, identify the fault, and properly correct it.

Why does the battery light stay on the 1998 mercury mountaineer focus after the battery has been replaced?

One possible cause is a defective alternator, Have the charging system checked.

Why would your 1990 Mercury Cougar go through an alternator a year?

Hey Cari==Make sure there is good air flow around and through the alternator. Restrictions from heater hoses around alternators can cause them to overheat and fail. GoodluckJoe

Would a bad job on replacement a water pump in a 1987 Chrysler Lebaron cause the alternator to blow?

no but they may have broke a wire or disconnected a wire and not hooked it back up

Alternator light stays on?

most likely the alternator needs attention cause it is not charging

Does any body know what would cause your battery light to go on your battery dies within an hour after you charge it your alternator is good please h e l p its a 2000 Mercury cougar?

waddup man my girl has a 95 mercury mystake (mystique) and the same thing happened i replaced two alternators in two days and found out the original one was fine it was a compter in the car (those little electrical harnesses in the engine) and it was corroded so bad it wouldnt keep a charge to the battery and was constantly draining it...

Can a weak battery cause the alternator to make a loud whining noise?

I would say probably not, the reason your battery is weak is I reckon due to a fault with your alternator. It is obviously not producing sufficient power (electricity ) to keep the battery charged. The whining noise is probably caused by worn-out bearings. A replacement or re-conditioned alternator should cure the problem .

What would cause the battery gauge in a 94 mercury cougar to go down when idleing but when you push the gas it shoots back up?

Its a sign that either your battery or alternator is starting to fail.

Would extremely high fuel pressure of 45 psi the spec calls for 27 to 33 at idle cause a no start when 1998 mercury mystique is warm?

Yes, it could cause flooding, that's when too much fuel gets into the engine. You need to replace the pressure regulator.

Will an alternator cause a distributor to go bad?

No, it will not.

Will a bad alternator cause new spark plugs to smoke?

Spark plugs don't smoke. A bad alternator would cause a dead battery.

Can the bad alternator cause the water pump to good bad?

The alternator is belt driven and so is the water pump but that is where the correlation ends. There is no way a bad alternator could cause a water pump to go bad unless the alternator pulley was warped. Then there is a small chance.

What would cause the battery light to constantly stay on on a 1997 Mercury Sable?

Battery Light OnCheck for bad alternator. alt. is goodbattery is goodchecked fues goodwhat about wiring

How to turn off check engine light on a 1996 mercury mystique?

The 1996 Mystique has OBDII (On Board Diagnostics Level 2) and requires a command from a "code reader" or OBDII monitor. It can also be shut off by disconnecting the battery for a long enough period of time, apparently - but I have an Auto XRay unit, so I just use that. If the cause is not repaired, the CEL WILL come back on.

Would a bad alternator cause your air conditioner to blow warm air?

A bad alternator will cause a battery to go bad. It does not have an effect on the air conditioner.

What are the dangers of using mercury?

Mercury is highly toxic and working with it can cause mercury poisoning.