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First off I would consider checking the compression of the engine... While you have the spark plugs out also check them for fouling or abnormal wear (gap too wide}... If everything is fine then I would suspect Carbruation or Injectors... Finally I would check the Fuel Pressure and Filters...Good Luck...

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2006-04-07 21:40:56
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Q: What would cause a 98 Toyota Tacoma to have a loss of power?
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What would cause a 1998 Toyota Tacoma to run sluggish?

Stopped up fuel filter.

What would cause a 2000 Toyota Tacoma to surge at idle and while driving?

maybe the clutch

What would cause a 98 Toyota Tacoma to miss and have power loss you changed plugs and wires fuel filter catalytic converter can someone please help you?

Timing belt

Why would a 1996 Toyota Tacoma have no power?

may want to check your air intake,filter, and the cat. converter

Where can one purchase floor mats that would fit in a Toyota Tacoma?

One can purchase floor mats that would fit in a Toyota Tacoma by going to the Carid website. Also, AutoAnything and Amazon sell Toyota Tacoma floor mats too.

Where would you find a thermostat diagram for a 1999 Toyota Tacoma?

You should check your Toyota Tacoma's owners manual. There should be a diagram for the location of your thermostat.

Why would a 2001toyota tacoma not sift gears when engine is cold?

Why would a 2001 toyota tacoma not sift gears when engine is cold?

Will a 1998 Toyota Tacoma camper fit a 2006 Toyota Tacoma?

no sir definitely not, 2005+ tacomas are bigger in every dimension and it would be too small in every dimension

What would cause the antifreeze to erode the head in a 1998 Toyota Tacoma?

You probably used the wrong type of antifreeze. You should use the type for aluminum heads.

1999 Toyota Tacoma dash light replacement?

my 1997 Toyota Tacoma has the dash/gauge light burnt out - i would like any help to locate bulb and replace i thank you

How much would it cost to replace a timing chain on a 1996 Toyota Tacoma?

The 1996 Toyota Tacoma does not have a timing chain. It has a timing belt. It will cost approximately $600 to change the timing belt.

Where is the best place to buy parts for my Tacoma?

The best place to find replacement parts for your Toyota Tacoma would be your local salvage yard. If not there, try one of these sites or Toyota Parts

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