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sticking calipers could cause this. if your vehicle pulls to one side when you apply your brakes then it genereally means that the other side is not working correctly. excessive brakeing can cause this to. if you travel down alot of hills then you have to apply your brakes alot more. or if you are pulling anything. your front brakes do about 80 percent of the brakeing and the rear do about 20 percent. make sure your rear is adjusted properly. when you replace the front pads make sure to grease the slides. if you experence any vibration when brakeing the you need to replace the rotors as well. make sure you tightened your vehicle lug nut to the proper specification (around 100 ft. lbs.)

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Q: What would cause a 99' Ford Ranger to go through a lot of front brakes?
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What kind of brakes are on front of 1988 Ford Ranger pickup truck? shows disc brakes on the front of a 1988 Ford Ranger

How do you remove the brakes on a Ford Ranger?

is it front or rear

The front brakes are locked on a 1990 ford ranger?

Check the pistons inside the calipers, usually they are the reason brakes lock up.

On a 1993 Ranger rear brakes does the short shoe or the long shoe go toward the front?

The short shoe goes on the front

Where can you find pictures replace brake pades2003 Pontiac vibe front brakes?

Visit the forums at There is a nice walk through with brakes to service your front brakes.

In Pokemon ranger shadows of almia how do you get out of ranger school?

You graduate and exit through the front doors.

After changing the brakes the car makes ground noise the front drive side?

i changed the brakes on a ford ranger truck 3.0 engine and then its making a ground noise at the driver side front sideat the left

Spongy brakes on 1990 ford ranger?

May have air in the system and have to be bled Check the flexible brake lines (front) to make sure they are not ruptured and are ballooning when brakes are applied

Front wheels shudder when I apply brakes?

Front wheel shudder could come from worn tires, bad brakes, or worn front end components. Check all of these to find the cause of the shudder.

Does the escort lx have front and back brakes or just front brakes?

Front pads (disc brakes) Rear shoes (drum brakes)

What can cause Front brakes on 2001 Monte to pulsate?

The front rotors are out of round or warped, Need to have the rotors turned.

What would cause your front breaks to wear out fast?

hard breaking or no back brakes. also, back brakes adjusted wrong.

How do you replace the front brakes on a 1995 ford ranger?

What are the brake rotors minimum thickness on a 1997 Buick Century? Thanking you in advance.

Why will the front brakes lock up on 86 Ford Ranger and won't release?

in many cases, contaminated brake fluid is the problem.

Do you have to replace the back brake shoes if you change front pads?

No. You will only need to replace the brake shoes if they are worn down. Generally the front brakes do 70% of braking leaving the rear with 30%, which will cause the front pads to wear first. What is important however is that you replace either front brakes or rear brakes as a set. i.e. if you're replacing the front brakes do the right and left side.

How do you know when to change front brakes?

Alot of cars have whats called a squealer on the front brakes . . . it makes the brakes squeal when you use them. . . if it doesn't then a good indicator is grinding cause that's telling you that the brake pads have wore down to nothing.

What is the cause for pulsing brakes on your 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE?

Warped front rotors are the most likely cause

Front brakes and rotors on a 92 Hyundai excel?

The front brakes and rotors on a 92 Hyundai excel need to function properly to insure that the car stops quickly. A front brake problem can cause an accident or personal injury.

1997 ford ranger xlt 4 cylinder When applying the brakes front starts to shimmy 30 mph or faster?

i just replaced my rotors on my 97 ranger , they werepitted and warp and could not be turned

What would cause a Saturn to squeal or hiss from the left front wheel?

Possible worn out brakes

Why are your front brakes locked up on your 1984 ford ranger?

because your brake pads or ABS in broken. take it to macco they fix it up right

Bleeding sequence for brakes on 99 ford ranger?

start at right rear, left rear, right front, and then left front. Always go from furthest wheel from master cylinder to closest.

On a 1979 corvette master cylinder which reservoir is for the front brakes and which is for the rear brakes?

front front - rear rear.

Why do your front brakes sometimes oscillate on 1998 E150 clubwagon?

Warped rotor is the most likely cause.

Can out of alignment front wheels cause damage to the brakes on 2006 Honda odyssey?

Not likely but it will wear the tires out.