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What would cause a Beretta temperature gauge to rise back and forth?

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I`ve had that happen with my Beretta. Check coolant level, may be low. Also water pump seal leaking.

Answerbretta's and any other car with the early model 3.1 or 2.8 engines are prone to headgasket failure a thermostat with a reading that isn't constant is a first sign have ur radiator pressure tested to find out if u have a headgasket leak Answeralso the radiator could have a leak in it or a hose maybe cracked Answerthe others are probably right but mabye your thermostat is sticking.
2011-09-13 17:52:55
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Q: What would cause a Beretta temperature gauge to rise back and forth?
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For a 1999 VW Passat 1.8T what is the likely cause of a water temperature gauge that frequently fluctuates between cold and normal and back and forth?

Most likely cause is a faulty coolant temperature sensor.

What is the purpose of a baffle in the fuel tank?

It is to prevent the fuel from sloshing back and forth. Fuel sloshing can cause the fuel gauge to be erratic.It is to prevent the fuel from sloshing back and forth. Fuel sloshing can cause the fuel gauge to be erratic.

What is the age and value of a 12 gauge Italian beretta al2?

what is the value of a Beretta A L2-12 gauge Model#d39063 worth?

Value of pietro beretta companion 16 gauge shotgun?

how much is a petro beretta 16 gauge in excellent condition worth

Where is temperature sensor on 1988 Beretta?

THere are 2. one for the gauge, and one that reads for the fan. the gauge one is located by the firewall, while the other is near the coolant thermostat housing.

What would cause your fuel gauge to jump back and forth?

you tell me then we will both know.

Why is it when your temperature gauge does not move you do not get heat when your gauge moves you get heat in your Ford Taurus?

The gauge does not cause the heat; it only shows what it is.

What would cause the temperature gauge not to work on your 1998 Pontiac Sunfire?

temperature gauge not working can be caused by a bad temp sensor in engine, a bad gauge in dash, or a bad fuse

Temperature gauge on 2004 silverado 6.0 L doesn't work?

Check to make sure that the temperature sensor is good. A bad sensor is commonly the cause of the temperature gauge not working.

2001 f250 outside temperature gauge quit working Any ideas?

There are several things that can cause your 2001 Ford F2 50 outside temperature gauge to quit working. The most common cause is a malfunctioning outside temperature sensor.

What is the origin of a beretta al2 12 gauge shotgun?


Would antifreeze coming out of the overflow cause the temperature gauge not to work?

no you need to replace temperature sinding unit

Why gauge glass burst?

A gauge glass may burst depending on the gauge itself. High temperature and pressure situations may cause the glass to burst.

12 gauge Beretta shotgun how much?

250-25000 USD

What can cause the temperature gauge to fluctuate in your 2001 dodge ram 1500?

low coolant

What is likely cause of temperature gauge not working on punto?

Probably the temp sending unit.

What might cause overheating in a 1994 Chevrolet Beretta?

the thermostat could be stuck closed or the radiator fan is not working. check the fuse or the temp sensor, but be careul because the 94 have 2 sensors. 1 for the fan and 1 for the temp gauge.

Could something be stuck open to cause a temp gauge not to register cause the fuses have been replaced and also could this cause the check engine light to come on?

Most likely, the temperature gauge's connection is loose. It is usually on the thermostat. An inoperative temperature gauge will cause most check engine lights to come on.

Temperature gauge grounding out on 1999 surburban?

replace temperature gauge

Will no antifreeze in the car cause the temperature gauge to go up?

Yes, because your vehicle will overheat.

What would cause the temperature gauge to go up and down?

If you temperature gauge is going up and down then you may have a problem with your sensor. You should take your car to a professional to ensure that you don't overheat your car.

Where can you buy a Beretta 20 gauge shotgun model AL1?

I have one in very good condition. It si the Pietro Beretta AL1 20 Gauge Automatic. I can be reached by text or call 270-820-6506 ask for Shannon

What is the age and value of a 12 gauge Italian Beretta AL1 shotgun?

The Beretta AL series was made from 1969-1976. Value would be $250-$350.

Where can you find a Forearm for a Beretta Golden Snipe 12 Gauge OU Sotgun?

Beretta, gun shows, gun shops, want ads,

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400 in used but good condition