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timings off distributer cap not placed in proper position plug wires put on wrong order vacumn leak something isn't put back on right make sure wires are in right order and popped all the way on check cap make sure everything is connected and the timing

2011-09-13 17:53:15
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On a Honda Prelude what would cause your engine not to fire?

coil, distributor, distributor cap, plugs, or wires.

What could cause misfire on a 99 1500 5.7?

Bad distributor cap, Spark plugs, plug wires, Tune it up Don,t forget about the fuel filter.

How do you do a tune up for a 97 Dakota?

replace the plugs,wires,distributor cap,rotor and air filter.

What parts are needed for a 4.3l chev tune up?

You didn't mention what year but in most cases you will want to replace the spark plugs, air filter and fuel filter for a minor tune up. For a major tune up you would replace the spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap, distributor rotor, PCV valve, air filter and fuel filter.

How do you tune up a Chevy Tahoe?

Plugs, wires, rotor, distributor cap, air filter, oil and filter, check radiator level, tire pressure. That is about it.

What would cause your 2.9 V6 not spark at plugs?

Bad coil, rotor, distributor cap?

What do you need to perform a tune up on 1991 S10 pickup 4.3l?

Minor tune up, spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter. Major tune up, spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap, rotor, air filter, crankcase breather filter, fuel filter and pcv valve.

Why is there no fire to the spark plugs in a 1997 Sebring?

Check the distributor. That is the most likely cause, or the crankshaft sensor.

What can be the problem of a 1994 Chevy Suburban 1500 will not start even though spark plugs coil and distributor replaced and there is no spark?

Is it a brand new distributor ? If not then replace the module and pick-up coil in the distributor that you have.

No power from distributor to spark plugs?

My 93 camry has no power from the distributor to the spark plugs. The car unable to start.

Can gas tank pressure cause engine miss?

No it is probably ur spark plugs or spark plug wires, that electric distributor or coil No it is probably ur spark plugs or spark plug wires, that electric distributor or coil

1995 Chevy s-10 Blazer Why I have fire from distributor to coil but no fire from new coil to plugs?

The spark travels from the coil to the distributor then from the distributor to the plugs. So if you have spark going into the distributor but not coming out to the plugs, I would blame the distributor cap and rotor being at fault.

What would cause all cyclenders to missfire?

Incorrect fuel pressure, Dirty fuel filter, Dirty air filter, Contaminated fuel, Bad spark plug wires, Bad distributor cap, Bad rotor, Bad spark plugs, Wet ignition parts,

Your 94 Camaro does not start right you have changed the fuel pump fuel filter air filter what else could it be?

if it has spark plugs check the distributor cap and/or rotor button for corrosion

2002 Honda accord cranks but want start sometimes?

Tune it up. Replace the spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, rotor, fuel filter, and air filter.

How do you do a tune up on a 83 Monte Carlo ss?

replace the spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap and rotor, set the timing, replace the air filter and fuel filter.

1995 Ford Aspire it turns over but it won't start could that be the distributor cap?

Check fuel pump,filter,relay switch,fuses,etc. or spark plugs,wires and distributor cap.

What can cause the number 2 and 3 spark plugs not firing on a 1994 suburban?

Plugs, wires, distributor cap, head gasket, burned valve, vacuum leak...

What would cause a 1993 Geo Storm that wants to die while running and is then hard to start up if it does at all you have replaced the fuel filter fuel pump plugs and wires all distributor parts?

check the harmonic balancer

How do you tune up a 1996 Nissan Sentra?

Replace the spark plugs, spark plug wires, spark plug rotor & distributor, put in new air filter & change the fuel filter.

What makes the engine plugs wires carb valves set the only thing i have not replaced is distributor car and rotor?

When you replaced the plugs, did you check the compression? Did any of the plugs look different than the others? Low compression in one cylinder can cause misfiring. But then, so can a faulty distributor cap.

What are the parts needed to do a full tune up on a 1989 camaro 2.8L?

Plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor, PCV Valve, fuel filter,

What parts do you need to tune up a 1984 Chevy Cavalier?

Plugs Wires Distributor cap Rotor Air/fuel filter PCV valve

How do you tune up a 1999 dodge cargo van?

Spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, synthetic oil, air filter, shocks, brakes

How do you do a tune up on a 1987 Porsche 944 NA?

spark plugs and wires, oil and oil filter, air filter, check rotor and points in distributor, check belts, just basic maintenance.