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Probably got a bad head gasket . Those motors are garbage.

While this could be the source of the problem and they are not known as the best engines in the world, there could be several other issues causing this to happen. My 93 grand am did the same thing. Replace the following:

Coil Packs,



Ignition Coil Housing - This is most likely the issue.These housings are notorious for going bad and shorting out. It is a $40.00 part that can fix the problem and is easy to do yourself.

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โˆ™ 2007-10-03 20:34:12
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Q: What would cause a GM Quad 4 motor to backfire and be low on power?
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Would no catalytic converter cause backfire?

Having no catalytic converter installed is illegal and can cause a myriad of problems. Probably not a backfire though.

What would a chevy350 motor backfire when stepping on the accelertor?

Most Likely Out Of Time.

What would cause a 2000 Chevrolet C7500 running on propane to backfire and die?

There are several things that can cause your 2000 Chevrolet to backfire and die. The most common cause is a plugged catalytic converter.

Would a anti-backfire solenoid stop a 17.5 hp Briggs Stratton motor from turning over if defective?

No. It's purpose is only to prevent fuel from entering the main jet and emulsion tube. If it were defective, either the motor would occasionally backfire (stuck open) or not allow the motor to run (stuck closed). Either way, the motor would still turn over.

Would a bad alternator cause a motor not to turn on?

Yes, since it would not return power to the battery.

What would cause a table saw motor to reverse itself while running?

if the power wires for the motor happen to be hooked up backwords

Would adding oil treatment to a car cause it to backfire?

Backfiring is a timing issue.

What would cause my 97 Mark VIII power seat to quit working?

Probably the seat motor

What would cause a motor starter to trip a circuit breaker?

The circuit that is used to power the motor starter has gone to ground on the hot side of the coil.

What would cause a meter to read negative voltage across a DC motor?

A DC motor generates power when it is rotating even when no supply is connected.

What would cause a 1979 F-250 with a 400 to backfire?

Sounds like it's out of timing.

What about spark plug wires being crossed could that cause it to backfire out of the carb?

Yes it would.

Why would 07 trail blazer lose power and backfire?

because of being poorly made

What would cause no electrical power to the ignition switch of a 1990 ford f150?

Ignition relay is probably shot. It is in the power distribution block in the motor comprtment.

If the fuses seem good why would the power windows and locks not work on a 1997 Mercury Villager?

Cause the window motor is out

What would cause a ticking and dash lights diming flashiing the ticking is present even when the ignition is off?

look for a shorted electric motor like window motor. when the motor contacts fail they can cause the "ticking" and it drains the power constantly, even when the ignition is off.

What would cause Blower motor in 1993 Buick Riviera not to work. Motor works with direct power?

look thru past answers. only takes a little time.

What would cause your 1996 suzuki katana to backfire?

carbs are out of sync. and if that's not it, the engine is shot. just happened to me

What is the actual power of a 5 horsepower motor?

A 5 horsepower motor would have 3,730 watts of power.

What would cause the power trim to quit working on a 1995 Kawasaki 750?

my friend has a zxi900 and it has a fuse in the trim motor power wire that blows about twice a season

What would cause the power windows from not working?

Its possible you:ve blown a fuse, I would check them first.could also be window motor or your main window control

What would cause a Polaris Scrambler to backfire?

my scrambler use to back fire i changed the spark plug and it never did it again

What would cause a backfire on a '67 Mercury Cougar?

the ignition timing set wronge. BAd accelerator pump in the carburetor

What would cause 150cc scooter to lose power?

what would cause a 150cc scooter to lose power?

How would you power a giant skateboard?

with a motor