What would cause a PlayStation 2 to play audio CDs and read PlayStation 1 games but say 'disc read error' when any DVD game is inserted?

PlayStation 2 Problem

It sounds like the DVD laser is a bit knackered. Might just be slightly out of place. It should be very simple to fix either buying a new laser and fitting it or taking it to a local electronics store (not currys dixons etc) and they should do it for ?10 - ?20.

Or TRY THIS WEBSITE: http://arstechnica.com/articles/paedia/hardware/ps2.ars

Hax Says:

you could be right but there are other possibilities such as:
  • the disc could be zoned differently

P.S. 10 to 20 is WRONG. you need a licensed Sony PS2 person to deal with it which means 100 to 200 is more accurate