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What would cause a PlayStation 2 to play audio CDs and read PlayStation 1 games but say 'disc read error' when any DVD game is inserted?

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βˆ™ 2011-09-13 17:53:49

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PlayStation 2 ProblemIt sounds like the DVD laser is a bit knackered. Might just be slightly out of place. It should be very simple to fix either buying a new laser and fitting it or taking it to a local electronics store (not currys dixons etc) and they should do it for ?10 - ?20.


Hax Says:you could be right but there are other possibilities such as:
  • the disc could be zoned differently

P.S. 10 to 20 is WRONG. you need a licensed Sony PS2person to deal with it which means 100 to 200 is more accurate

2011-09-13 17:53:49
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If it's a playstation 2 try standing it on its side usually works if its getting old.

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Error code 8002a231 is a PlayStation error code. This code is generated when someone attempts to log into a PlayStation with an account that has been suspended.

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A quick check of the forums says that this is a log on error caused by maintenance on PSN's network.

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This depends on the error message, however it could be because it's already downloaded or you don't have enough space left on your hard drive. See related links below for the PlayStation 3 Error Knowledge Center.

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Sony PlayStation Knowledge center had no record of the eight digit 800 series code with your number. I added a link to the error code search at the PlayStation Knowledge Center under the related links.

How can you fix error nw-4-7 on netflix on the PlayStation 3?

To fix errors of that sort on Playstation 3, you need to contact the support staff at sony and they can help you to fix the error or to find a work around to it.

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It was not an error but an attack and the related question has the most current information

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An error message reads parity error what is the cause?

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The error code 800233Ef on Playstation 3 is related to failed downloads. There does not seem to be a solid answer on what exactly that error code means and it is suggested to contact Sony for help.

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If this concerns the recent downtime where you get the message saying "playstation network is undergoing maitainence" theres nothing you can do to fix it.see related question

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Nothing the network is down and the related question has current status

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It is a terms error. Quit the game you are playing and go to playstation network and sign in, accept the terms & conditions and sign in. Then it should work.

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