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bad wheel bearing

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Q: What would cause a buzzing vibrating sound in a 99 VW Cabrio when you turn the steering wheel to the right but not to the left at all speeds?
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Why would a car's steering start vibrating at speeds over 70 MPH?

Have the tires checked for being round. You can balance a square block but it won't roll smoothly.

In what state of matter are particles vibrating and moving at high speeds?


What can cause the steering wheel to free play on low speeds?

A worn out power steering pump, or steering box.

Why does the steering wheel shake at high speeds?

== == Bad Tire or Tires.

What are symptoms of bad lower control arm?

Steering will "wobble" at higher speeds and sometimes when braking. General looseness in steering.

How do you fix a shaking steering wheel?

You probably need to get your tires balanced. Or replaced. If the bias goes (steel belt breaks or shifts), the car will waddle at low speeds, and the steering wheel will shake at high speeds.

How to repair steering prolem with a la 105 john deere tractor?

Steering is difficult at all speeds. just took it out for the season.

Why does my steering wheel vibrate at low speeds?

could be a blockage in your fuel lines.

Why does your 86' cabrio shake mostly at 50 mph and some lower speeds not at 65 or higher?

sounds like you need a wheel balance

What can cause the steering wheel to shake half inch back and forth at lower speeds?

Bad tire, wheel, bearing, steering component,..............

Why is there a vibration in the steering wheel when I brake at high speeds?

Either your drums or rotors are out of round.

How do you know when tires need balancing?

A certain speeds, your steering wheel starts to shake.

Why is power steering hard at slow speeds?

Low on power steering fluid ... check it, and all your engine fluid levels, at least once a week.

What causes steering wheel shake at high speeds?

Tire out of balance, bent wheel, drive shaft bent, loose or worn steering parts.

The difference between a NV7 and a N40 rack and pinion?

NV7 is with Variable Effort Steering. N40 is with Non-Variable Effort Steering. Check the "Service Parts Identification" sticker for your car. Variable Effort Steering will have an electronic control valve on one side of the power steering pump with an electrical connector. The Variable Effort Steering "EVO" valve adjust the amount of power steering assist. It is intended to make the steering stiffer at higher speeds. This helps prevent the vehicle from wandering at highway speeds.

Difference between power steering and normal steering?

It is all in how easy it is to steer the car. The major difference in having power steering can be felt when parking the car or other maneuvers requiring maximum steering travel at very low speeds.

Does a 1999 Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 16v have power steering?

yes it does but only at low speeds

The signs of a Bad steering gearbox?

Clunking/knocking sound felt though steering wheel and floor when turning and going over bumps at low speeds.

Why does the steering on your 2003 z71 silverado truck lock up when turning right at very slow speeds?

The rack and pinion steering unit needs to be replaced

Why would the steering of your 1997 F150 take sudden turns at high speeds and feel mushy at all speeds?

Check for worn steering or suspension parts i.e. Idler arm, Pitman Arm, Tie rod ends, Ball joints, etc.

Why does your steering wheel wobble while driving even at a low speed?

The steering wheel wobbles, because of the unconditional pressures from the ground that is adjusted at speeds when it reflects gravity.

What can cause vibration in steering and car when turn steering wheel at stop or slow speeds mainly to the left?

Warped rotor,Tie rods, Wheel bearings (hub).

What causes a car and the steering wheel to shake when turning left at high speeds?

have front suspension checked

Why is the steering stiff at low speeds on Crown Vic?

likely a low power steering fluid problem , caused by a leak , if there is a grinding /whinnying noise at same time it`s probably this or a loose power steering belt

Can a loose steering gear box cause a vibration after jerking steering wheel?

1996 c60 truck if you turn steering quickly at low speeds vehicle shacks acts like drive train until you stop