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What would cause a car not to be getting any gas even after replacing the fuel filter and fuel pump?


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2006-10-07 11:55:16
2006-10-07 11:55:16

The gas tank could be empty or if it has gas there could be trash in the tank causing the gas line to get stopped up; therefore, the fuel pump will not receive any gas. Check your fuel injector. Get a auto stetiscope and listen to them while the engine is running or at least turning over. You should hear a clicking sound. Have you checked your fuel relay?


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The year, make, model and engine info would help, but I would start with replacing the fuel filter.

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if you mean it wont move, perhaps you have drained the transmission oil and not the engine oil. this would cause it not to move.

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Sometimes the old oil filter gasket remains stuck to the filter housing when replacing the old oil filter. Remove the new filter and check to see if that happened. If not, I would suspect the new oil filter or gasket is faulty.

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