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What would cause a car to idle heavily?


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2009-07-11 02:17:46
2009-07-11 02:17:46

The egr has nothing to do with idling high, the egr valve is not used at all at no load. and if there was something wrong with the egr valve it would cause the idle to be very low. check your EGR valve for leaks on your exhaust manifol. If you have a factory service manual, they have trouble shooting on almost everything about your car. Check your Air filter or Fuel filter. I replace my air filter once a year, Maybe replace your Fuel filter after 30,000 miles. A high idle is typical of a vacuum leak, I don't know where the above answer has any relation to this. if you have a carb, it may not be adjusted correctly.. from: jay c.-- In my own humble opinion, irratic idle is typical of a vacum leak. I had the same problem with my 8 year old sedan, Had the idle air control valve checked, Air Flow Valve, and throttle serviced... all did not solve the fluctuating idle. My mechanic suggested to replace the gaskets (rubber seal) of the valve cover and the manifold, my car's idling perfectly, it's smoother and sounds much better. My mechanic told me that the previous repair used an inferior gaskets and compensated it by using silicon sealants... the silicon sealants eventually wore-off leaving gaps, causing leaks.


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No, that has nothing to do with idle speed.

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It would start and run but only idle. It would not be drivable.

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The most probable cause would be the idle control on the engine. When you put a car in gear, there is a "load" put on it (the transmission is using power) and the idle speed normally drops. The idle could be dropping to the point where it becomes unstable and causes the engine to vibrate.

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you need to replace your belts. Take it to AutoZone to have them look at it

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