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The egr has nothing to do with idling high, the egr valve is not used at all at no load. and if there was something wrong with the egr valve it would cause the idle to be very low. check your EGR valve for leaks on your exhaust manifol. If you have a factory service manual, they have trouble shooting on almost everything about your car. Check your Air filter or Fuel filter. I replace my air filter once a year, Maybe replace your Fuel filter after 30,000 miles. A high idle is typical of a vacuum leak, I don't know where the above answer has any relation to this. if you have a carb, it may not be adjusted correctly.. from: jay c.-- In my own humble opinion, irratic idle is typical of a vacum leak. I had the same problem with my 8 year old sedan, Had the idle air control valve checked, Air Flow Valve, and throttle serviced... all did not solve the fluctuating idle. My mechanic suggested to replace the gaskets (rubber seal) of the valve cover and the manifold, my car's idling perfectly, it's smoother and sounds much better. My mechanic told me that the previous repair used an inferior gaskets and compensated it by using silicon sealants... the silicon sealants eventually wore-off leaving gaps, causing leaks.

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Q: What would cause a car to idle heavily?
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Would an idle air control valve cause a car to idle high?

Yes if it is stuck open.

Can a bad battery cause a car to idle high?

No, that has nothing to do with idle speed.

Would a busted throttle cable cause a car to not run?

It would start and run but only idle. It would not be drivable.

Can the idle control valve cause a car to overheat?

no it can not.

What is the main cause why the car was vibrating when you put in reverse?

The most probable cause would be the idle control on the engine. When you put a car in gear, there is a "load" put on it (the transmission is using power) and the idle speed normally drops. The idle could be dropping to the point where it becomes unstable and causes the engine to vibrate.

What would cause a squealing sound when the car is idle and driving?

you need to replace your belts. Take it to AutoZone to have them look at it

What would cause a car to idle but die when you step on the gas?

It could be need of a tune up or a gas filter.

Would a bad starter cause a 1995 Toyota Camry to have a loud idle and now car wont start at all?

Loud idle? no, not turn over ,yes

Would a bad fuel injector pressure regulator on 98 olds aurora cause car to stall at idle?

A bad fuel pressure regulator will cause the car to stall or not run .

Will a weak battery cause car to be idle low?

Not likely but possible.

What would cause your car to stall when the car is at idle you hit the peddle and it stalls?

I had the same from, this especially can happen with fuel injected cars. Some main things you want to check is the timing belt if its off setting or mot, or maybe your fuel filter or fuel pump. These could be some of the problems that cause your car to idle.

When the tps sensor is disconnected from the car in idle what happens?

When the TPS sensor is disconnected from the car in idle, there would be delayed acceleration.

Would a leak from the power stering cause a car to sputter or die at idle?

NO... You have other problems. Sounds like WATER is in the fuel.

What would cause a car to idle rough?

If it's an old car, a lack of fuel flowing to the carb. So maybe a fuel pump or dirty fuel line.

Would a bad idle control valve cause a car to drop when idling at red light as well and cause head and int lights to dim?

it's possible

Why does a car idle too low?

A car can idle too low because there is a leak in the vacuum. Cracks or breaks on the vacuum hoses in the cars engine could be the cause of this.

What can leaves do to a car engine?

Biggest problem I can think of is if they somehow make it past your air filter and get back to your throttle body. May cause rough idle, low idle, hesitation, etc. I would think it would take a lot of leaves to really cause a problem, though.

What would cause a 1991 Honda Accord Se not idle right sometimes but will drive perfect without hesitation?

Was there any recent work done to the car? When did the idle problem start? Does the idle get worst when you turn on the AC? Answer these questions and then I may help.

What would cause my car to idle around 2500 rpm in 2006 Chevy cobalt I put in a new throttle body and took to dealership to relearn idle but idle is still high?

A vacuum leak could do that. Did it have a high idle before you changed the throttle body? Any codes?

What can cause the car to stall when running the ac?

An engine usually has a higher idle speed when the ac is running. If the high speed idle does not operate then the ac will cause the engine to stall.

Why does the1988 Lincoln Town Car idle when first turns on?

Becaue if it didn't idle, then it would not be running.

Can a bad catalytic converter cause car to only idle?

It is one of many possibilities.

Why did your car start going without you stepping on the gas pedal?

because all vehicles have an idle. Without an idle your car would not stay running.

What could cause and 1990 acclaim to stall at idle speed?

I had my "distributor pick-up" replaced. car would just die out, while i was driving.

What would cause your car to shut off when you stop at a light?

torque converter lock-up not disengaging? tps bad spot on idle position