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Aside from lack of gasoline(or diesel), lack of power may also be driven by drained battery or lack of ignition(ignition system failure). the comment below is correct. it is hard to give a specific answer for this since there are a lot that can cause lack of power and it may variy from car makes and models.


Best to have problem diagnosed with proper equipment. A good shop could run obdII tests, smoke test for vaccum leaks, misfire or lack of ignition. One easy diagnosis is to spray carb or throttle body cleaner in the throttle while giving gas and if the engine improves you have a fuel delivery issue if it stays the same then you have a breather problem. (exhaust leaks, vaccum leaks, or emmission components.

Answerif your whole car completely shut off your distributor cap could have came off. that happen to me one time while driving.
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Q: What would cause a car to lose power?
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What would cause a car to lose power on inclines?

Not enough horse power or in the wrong gear.

What would cause your car to shake when coming to a stop and lose power?

You may need rotors

Why did my car lose power and then cut out?

The most common cause for a car to lose power and then cut out is a bad fuel pump. The fuel pump will steadily get worse and eventually the car will not start.

What would cause a 89 olds ciera to lose power when accelerating or car will not drive a hill car quits?

if its bogging down it could be catalic converter

Will a bad thermostat cause a car to lose acceleration?

By itself, the thermostat would have to be stuck closed causing a severe overheat condition to cause a loss of power.

What would cause no power on a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero after the spark plugs have been changed?

If the car has high miles, try checking the catalytic converter. If it is clogged it will cause the vehicle to lose power.

Could a bad battery cause a car to lose power when driving?


Will an oxygen sensor make a car lose power?

A malfunctioning oxygen sensor can cause the engine to be low on power.

Will your car give and lose power if the liters are cracked?

i would say loose power

Mitsubishi Galant losing power up hills-overdue on lube and oil change cause this?

A late oil change will not cause of car to lose power. Oil is used to keep the engine components lubricated. The lose of power may be coming from the car running to lean. Take to the car to receive a diagnostics test.

Why would your car lose power after starting and shut down?

its faulty

What can cause a car to lose power when driving over 50MPH?

Plugged muffler ot cat converter

Will a bad battery cause your car to lose power at higher rpm will it idle low at a stop?

No, but a bad alternator will.

Will a bad fuel filter cause a car to lose power?

A partially clogged fuel filter will cause hard starting, stalling, and loss of power. It will also cause the fuel pump to overheat and self destruct.

Why would cause your car lose power after running over a tire tread on the highway?

The large chunk of tire tread may have ripped the wires off a O2 sensor.

Why does a car lose power?

runs out of petral,but that's power for a car so yes

Your car does not have power when pushing on gas?

The most common cause for an engine to lose power is a plugged fuel line or nonworking fuel pump. A plugged air filter can also cause the problem.

If you have a good alternator in your car why would it still lose power?

Bad battery, Parasitic drain.

What would cause your car to lose first and second gear?

Stripped transmission, low transmission fluid.

Can a bad catalytic converter cause a car to lose power and make the care sound rough when pressing on the gas?

Yes, it sure can.

What would cause a 96 Chevy Blazer to knock and pig at 40mph and lose power?

engine misfire. i have a '96 Chevy blazer but i don't have that problem, i was reading reviews on the car and found out that some of them do that.

What would cause car to slow down lose velocity and not start?

Probably the alternator, dim lights, all gages drop, comes to a halt with no power, over 120000 mi gm.

What would cause a car to loose its power steering?

No power steering fluid, broken pump, or broken lines.

Why would a vehicle lose power and burn oil?

a car would lose power and burn oil by getting old or maybe if its burning a lot of oil u should switch to a different type like vavoline or penzoil.

Will car lose power when turbo goes out?


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