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A siezed brakepad or shoe or the emergency brake is on.

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Can foot soaks cause itching?

I would think that the only way a foot soak can cause itching is if you are allergic to the ingredients or there may be another cause, like Athlete's Foot.

What would cause bad gas mileage on 1999 dodge ram 1500?

Putting your foot down too hard on the accelerator.

Would a inguinal hernia cause your foot to swell?

That is possible because the hernia may cause obstruction to the lymphatic vessels. Many lymphatic vessels that are clustered in that area and if they cannot remove the excess fluid it could cause swelling further down the leg and foot.

What would cause your pinky finger and ring finger go numb also left leg down to your foot slightly?

Poor circulation!

Which letter would come first football or foot?

foot cause it has less letters after

How would you get your cat down out a 10 foot tree?

use a 10 foot lader

What did trench foot do?

Trench foot would cause blisters and open sores on the soldiers foot. Often fungal infections would set in and gangrene if left untreated.

What is a foot fault in netball?

It's when you have the ball and you move the foot you landed on. So if you caught the ball, put down your left foot as you landed and then put down your right foot, moving you left foot afterwards would be a fault.

What would cause sharp pains in your instep of your foot?

too much sport can tear the tissues inside of your foot.

Do you know Which one is bigger yards or foot?

i would say yards cause yards is plural and foot isn't

What would cause sharp needle like pain on your foot?

A sharp needle.

What part of the body would cause the least damage when shot?

foot and hand

What would cause a whining sound when you press in your clutch?

A worn out clutch release bearing would cause a whining sound when you put your foot on the clutch.

What is the cause of Heat in sole of foot?

I have heat that comes and goes in the bottom of my right foot. I have read somewhere that this could be a nerve problem extending down from the lower lumbar region. This would make sense to me as I do suffer with chronic lower back problems.

What actors and actresses appeared in Fast Foot - 2010?

The cast of Fast Foot - 2010 includes: Alejandra Arias

How long would one thousand cubic foot of natural gas last?

That depends on how fast you are using it.

Why do flamingos stand on one foot?

Because if they didn't, they would fall down.

How fast can an average 5 foot teenager run?

really fast

What is the cause of inversion of foot?

causes of foot inversion

How did big foot get its name?

cause he had a big foot

When a hernia mesh causes infection after surgery would it cause your foot to swell?

Yes it could because the area affected by the infection is where there are many lymph nodes. And, the pressure on them from the excess fluid would interfere with the lymphatic flow that drains the foot, so it would swell, or can cause edema.

What is likely to be the cause of a loud squealing noise when you put your foot down on the clutch?

throw-out bearing going bad is my guess

Why were the airplanes used in World War 1?

To kill people fast and dont you get killed. Also, if they went by foot it would go much slower and more people would get killed if on foot and faster in an airplane.

Big bump on your hamsters foot?

i would take it down to the vets and let him have a look.

Can you actually break a bunion on your foot from a fall that would cause it to swell to twice it's usual size?

Yes, I can break a bunion on my foot from a fall.