What would cause a car to start everytime but shut off after 15-30 seconds?

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My guesses are:
1. The fuel filler cap breather hole is blocked. Take off the filler and try the engine again - take care with fuel fumes! 2. The in-line fuel filter(s) is blocked. 3. There's a piece of rag in the tank that's being sucked into the fuel line (Yes, this really happened to me once!). 4. If it's carb'ed, not EFI, then see if the carb bowl is full of fuel debris and/or check the line filter.  OK, Thanks, but here is the cause . I had 2 problems.
1st problem - the main relay was weak, had to be replace, the car then ran for about 5 mins - longer but not correct.
2nd problem - A broken ground wire net the transmittion case, somehow this wire broke, once replaced the car is now running fine.
Summary: The cars clutch was replace just before this start happening, somehow the ground wire from the trans case to the body was broken. The relay was bad, but the car may have keep running with the old one. The ground wire was the over all probelm
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Why would your car shut off while you were driving and it will not start or turn over?

I had a dodge omni that did that exact thing and it turned out to be a $15.00 part that was located under the distributor. I forgot the name of the part though. . Answer this same problem happened to me..i have yet to solve it tho. it was running, then it started running rough so i pulled over to ( Full Answer )

Why would a 1989 Ford Probe start then shuts off if the car is getting fuel?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nMy neibor recently had the same problem with his 89 Probe. First remove and check the spark plugs. Fuel-Injector Cleaners, etc. tend to foul out the plugs. They may or may not need replaced. Just take them out and if they are black and/or look or feel wet, clean them up wit ( Full Answer )

Why would your car shut off while driving then start after it cools off only to shut right back off again you have a 91 buick riviera?

One of two things. 1. Crank shaft position sensor. 2. Fuel pump and /or sending unit (both inside the tank). ther are more than that iam afraid ,i had the same problem ,and still do acually .i changed the fuel pump,crankshaft sensor and harmonic balancer.and it still did it. first of have the fuel ( Full Answer )

Car starts but within seconds the engine would turn off?

\n. \n More facts, still no answer \n. \nMy 1997 Camry LE V6 (100,000 miles, New York) has a similar problem, and I need to step gently on the gas pedal to keep it from dying after it starts up. \n. \nMechanic had replaced the "damper" (near the throttle) and fuel filter, but the problem per ( Full Answer )

What would cause a Ford radio cassette player on a 1988 Lincoln Town Car to play about ten seconds buzz and then shut off?


What would cause a car to shut off while driving including electrical after flashing a momentary oil and engine light and then start up again immediately with no problem?

i had a problem may be similar to that, the problem turn out to be that i had a loose ground connection at the battery, i had 2 thick wires and a skinny wire between them, so the skinny wire was not as thight as the other 2 fat ones. and with the vibration from the vehicle it used to separate for a ( Full Answer )

Why is it that a 1989 Honda Accord Starts up but when the key is let go it shuts off As long as the key is held in Run the car does not shut off What can cause this?

Answer . Check the ignition switch and the coil resistor if the Honda has one. When the starter is engaged there is a direct connection to the coil. The intention is to give the coil a little more voltage when the starter is engaged. If the ignition switch isn't connecting properly you won't run ( Full Answer )

What would cause a car not start after you turn it off?

Answer that would be a bad starter the heat from the engine heats it up while it's on but if u let the car cool off a few minutes u can start it again have the starter replaced and you shouldn't have that problem anymore Look for loose/dirty battery terminals.

Why would a car start but shuts off after it is put in gear?

There can be several things to happen this on A/T engines. . Engine Idle Speed is low, below 750 Rpm +-50. . Engine air lines leaking. . ignition system problem, misfire on some of the cylinders, because of this engine does not run smoothly at idle. ( so engine rough idle) . Engine mechanical ( Full Answer )

Car starts good and 5 seconds it shuts off?

First I would make sure that you have enough gas. I know this would be obvious, but you never know. If that doesn't help, then the following could be your problem: 1. Loose or faulty electrical connection at the coil pack or alternator 2. Insufficient fuel reaching the fuel injectors - could be ( Full Answer )

What causes a car to sputter and shut off?

There could be several reasons why a car would sputter and shutoff. The car might be out of gas, dead battery, bad starter,alternator problems or other issues. It is best to have it checkedout by a licensed mechanic.

What would cause a computer to shut off and on?

A virus working in the background could cause the computer to reboot constantly. Run a good (and recent version) anti-virus program ... soon. 2. It sounds like it is overheating, you should either clean it yourself, or take it to a professional to clean it properly.

Car shuts off after starting?

There are a couple of reasons why a car would shut off afterstarting. The spark plug or plug wires may need changed. Also, thegas may have water in it.

What would cause your car to shut itself off?

when the battery dies. Though, that is a valid answer, there are many reasons for you car to shut down on you, by it self. There is ignition coil, fuel filter, catalytic converter, ignition switch, just to name a few. Give a little more information like, year make and model with engine size to st ( Full Answer )

Car starts then shuts off immediately?

There are several reasons why a car would start and then shut offimmediately. It could be battery cables, a fuel problem, or even abad spark plug.

What causes a car to shut off right after it starts on a Nissan maxima 2000?

check the pcv valve ( positive crankcase ventlation), first locate it, usally on the rear valve cover, with a vacume hose hooked up to it from the intake maifold. remove it from valve cover, and disconnect vacume hose. then shake the valve if you dont hear anything then the valve is bad. change i ( Full Answer )

What would cause a car to shut off then a make hissing noise?

If it it shutting off because of the hissing, it is likely moisture getting at electronic parts and shorting them. The hissing would be caused by cold water contacting hot engine parts. If the hissing is only heard after YOU shut off the car, it is likely a small leak in a vacuum hose. These are usu ( Full Answer )

Would a timing belt make your car shut off and won't start again?

the question is faulty. if a timing belt what is broken??? is jumped ??? is missing ??? is misaligned???? If it breaks yes it will not start. it usually will turn over a lot faster as well. if misaligned or jumped making it out of time. no start to back fires when accelerating or just no power at ( Full Answer )

Would a clogged fuel filter cause the car to shut off?

If a fuel filer is clogged then yes it would cause no fuel to get to the engine, and the motor would shut down. Although most people never change their fuel filters, they should be changed at a minimum of one year intervals. Most people don't change the fuel filter, and their fuel pumps burn out fro ( Full Answer )

What causes your car to shut off and start back up?

Normally I would say it was a bad fuel pump, or an associated fuel problem. Although, if you have no problem with a rough idle, or slow idle, then I would look for a loose Gound connection in the starter circut. Check ground connections, and especially the connections on your ignition switch.