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What would cause a car to start everytime but shut off after 15-30 seconds?


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2011-06-14 22:01:54
2011-06-14 22:01:54

My guesses are:

1. The fuel filler cap breather hole is blocked. Take off the filler and try the engine again - take care with fuel fumes! 2. The in-line fuel filter(s) is blocked. 3. There's a piece of rag in the tank that's being sucked into the fuel line (Yes, this really happened to me once!). 4. If it's carb'ed, not EFI, then see if the carb bowl is full of fuel debris and/or check the line filter.

AnswerOK, Thanks, but here is the cause . I had 2 problems.

1st problem - the main relay was weak, had to be replace, the car then ran for about 5 mins - longer but not correct.

2nd problem - A broken ground wire net the transmittion case, somehow this wire broke, once replaced the car is now running fine.

Summary: The cars clutch was replace just before this start happening, somehow the ground wire from the trans case to the body was broken. The relay was bad, but the car may have keep running with the old one. The ground wire was the over all probelm


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Only if it's in gear and probably not even then, more likely it would be the torque converter if it has anything to do with the tranny at all. sorry

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If the cat was totally blocked, the engine may start and run briefly for a few seconds. If the cat was partially blocked the engine would run but lack serious power.

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Well i would call it a good running car, since you want your car to start everytime...

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