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Hey Amy==It depends on the make, and which engine you have. I would check the bolts on the a/c compressor, and the belt for correct tension and if it is a serpentine belt check it for cracks and brittelness. Goodluck. Joe

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Q: What would cause a car to vibrate about once every second while engine is running?
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Will bad spark plugs and plug wires make your car vibrate?

Yes, bad spark pugs or plug wires can cause the engine cylinder to misfire which will cause the engine to vibrate.

What cause engine locks?

running with out engine oil

What can cause a 2.2l Toyota engine to vibrate?

missfire. probably it dont fire on all cylinders.

What is it called when vibrations cause a second object to vibrate?

I believe it's called sympathetic vibration.

Can you replace a catalytic converter with a straight pipe on a 1998 dodge durango 5.9?

No. It is illegal, will cause a check engine light and running problems.No. It is illegal, will cause a check engine light and running problems.

Is running out of gas cause for the check engine light to come on?

Running out of gas my certainly be a cause for the check engine light to come on. It could also be an assortment of other issues.

What can cause the car to stall when running the ac?

An engine usually has a higher idle speed when the ac is running. If the high speed idle does not operate then the ac will cause the engine to stall.

What can cause a 2001 Saturn engine to vibrate at idle and up to 2900 rpm either driving or at standstill?

The upper engine mount is collapsed. On the passenger side by the coolant reservoir look at the mount If you see 1/4 inch or more gap the mount is collapsed and will cause the whole car to vibrate

When an object vibrating at near the resonant frequency of a second object cause the second object to vibrate when what occurs?

The vibrations are called sympathetic vibrations or sympathetic resonance.

What will happen if you don't have a air filter in your car?

Not having one, will allow particles in and effect your engine and cause damage and cause your engine to stop running. It can also be dangerous and cause an engine fire.

What can cause white smoke from a diesel?

Moisture in the exhaust, or a cold running engine.

What will cause the engine to stop running while driving?

You've run out of fuel...

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