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What would cause a clunking noise and judder from the drivers side of your engine?


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2005-02-02 22:19:47
2005-02-02 22:19:47

Have someone check your Engine mount


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There is one cause for this. If the throttle body is moved or adjusted in any way this will cause the judder when engaging gears.

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sounds like the right front motor mount .i replaced mine and the clunking sound went away

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Possibly a worn engine and/or gearbox mounting or exhaust mounting

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Clutch Judder is caused by the clutch components and flywheel not meeting concentrically. The friction surfaces rub concentrically causing a low frequency vibration that is transmitted to the car via the engine/gearbox mountings and drive shafts. Causes can be 1) Mis-aligned clutch 2) Clutch wear/broken 'finger' springs 3) Condensation on the flywheel (usually happens on colder nights in which case judder should only last until the condensation has evaporated) 4) Contamination on the clutch such as oil from a leaking gland. Case 1 will require the clutch to be re-aligned Case 2 will require a new clutch Case 3 may happen frequently on colder mornings, but judder will disappear 5 mins into driving. Case 4 Replacement of the clutch plates Driving continuously with judder may cause damage/increase wear to engine and/or gearbox components. If judder persists take your vehicle to a garage as soon as possible.

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Of course it can. It depends on how worn the mount is and how far the engine is lifting on acceleration. It can cause hard shifting, clunking. Not to mention it can damage your hood if the engine torques enough to leave the mount and strike the hood. Motor mounts should be repaired as soon as possible.

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