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Constant gurggling is a sign of lime and calcium build up in your tank. If the bottom of your outer tank is very hot to touch you may need to replace the water heater. When this happens the lower part of the tank is very hot and as an example it is like filling a pot with rocks and water see how long it takes to boil on your stove that means you are using alot more gas to heat that water because it has to go through sheets of lime and calcium. I do not recommend draining and cleaning the tank because it is very expensive and who is to say that the control or tank will not last after that. You have to consider the age of the tank and your water system. Most of your heat is probably coming out of the front of the tank where the burner is at. I bet you have a dark brown spot at the front of your tank where the heat is coming out where you lite the pilot. There is alot to consider about a new tank, Most gas companies will give you a rebate for changing it out to a new one or have a program to replace your water heater by a contractor and they may(if you are in good standing with them as credit and payments go) add the cost to your bill monthly and you are not out of pocket any money up front and usually no interest. Call your gas company first. See what they will do for you. Good luck!

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Q: What would cause a constant bubbling or gurgling noise in and around your hot water tank even when the hot water is not turned on?
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