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You created a flat spot on the rear tires. Your car had a busted mount or bushing

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Can a toothache cause bad headaches?

Yes, But not so bad you are light headed , just a little thumping is usual.

When car won't stop when braking and slightly accelerates?

Your car is gearing down to first and to do that it has to rev a little

The weight of an object is or is not constant?

In a strict sense, weight is NOT a constant. Mass is, but weight varies a little bit depending on where it is.

Anti-lock braking systems are very good on wet roadways with less then normal or little friction?

The anti-lock braking system usually reduce the skidding that occurs when tires lock and therefore allows the driver more control during emergency braking. Having the tires on ABS can help a stranded driver to veer away from emergency situations.

What is the constant body temperature?

Well the average is 98.6oF or 37oC but a persons body temperature can be a little higher or a little lower.

What is difference in motor winding according duty s1 to s9?

S1Continuous duty The motor works at a constant load for enough time to reach temperature equilibrium. S2Short-time duty The motor works at a constant load, but not long enough to reach temperature equilibrium. The rest periods are long enough for the motor to reach ambient temperature. S3Intermittent periodic duty Sequential, identical run and rest cycles with constant load. Temperature equilibrium is never reached. Starting current has little effect on temperature rise. S4Intermittent periodic duty with starting Sequential, identical start, run and rest cycles with constant load. Temperature equilibrium is not reached, but starting current affects temperature rise. S5Intermittent periodic duty with electric braking Sequential, identical cycles of starting, running at constant load and running with no load. No rest periods. S6Continuous operation with intermittent loadSequential, identical cycles of running with constant load and running with no load. No rest periods.S7Continuous operation with electric brakingSequential identical cycles of starting, running at constant load and electric braking. No rest periods.S8Continuous operation with periodic changes in load and speedSequential, identical duty cycles run at constant load and given speed, then run at other constant loads and speeds. No rest periods

Where is little Richard today?

little richard is in america doing just a few shows as I believe. he is in constant pain with his hip which he has had surgery for.

1978 corvette with frustrating front brake problem Good fluid flow to both wheels but when braking car pulls severely to left Caliper pistons appear OK but little braking power to left front wheel?

sounds like your brakes need bleeding properly

What layer of the atmosphere has the most constant temperature?

the stratosphere, but at the top it gets a little hotter.

What causes the thumping noise and cold air blowing out of the heater in a 2005 Ford Explorer?

Too involved for this little box. Check the tech section on for a full analysis of the Ford system and suggested fixes.

You have an old vw van when you drive and let off the accelerator you hear a humming noise if you give it a little gas it stops but when you slow down and come to a stop it makes a thumping noise?

Check your Brakes or have someone look at them.

Rotate is to energy as stop is to what?

Rotate is to energy as stop is to brake. The link is a little tenuous, but energy can cause an object to rotate, just as braking can cause an object to stop.

How do you drive car gas effective?

Little braking, gradual starts, no hard pressure on either pedal, non-stop driving, driving between 45-55mph.

Why is your dodge ram 1500 making a thumping noise when driving it but it stops if you apply the brake?

It sounds like wheel bearings. They make a noise while they're in one position but when you hit the brake, it moves them a little, and the noise stops.

What where some of Genghis kahns significant accomplishments?

His massive horde of allies his constant Empire takeover in such little time

What is your body temperature that's always constant?

Body temperature is around 37.But it is not fixed.I may vary a little.

Why does your steering wheel shake around 40mph The rotorsbrakes are new. Steering wheel vibrates left to right a little bw 40-45mph. Also vibrates a tad when initially braking. Any ideas?

If it shakes all the time it is a tire/wheel problem. If it only shakes when braking then it is a brake problem.

Why is it important for the pH of blood to remain constant?

Blood pH has an ideal level of about 7.3 to 7.4. It is important for the pH of blood to remain constant because if your blood pH varies just a little bit, it can kill you.

How does temperature affects the body?

For mammals very little, except for the energy expenditure required to maintain a constant internal temperature.

Reasons for percent of oxygen in air remains constant?

Allthough it osccilate little bit but remain constant at 21% with negligible rate due to the cycling of oxygen from plants or photosynthetic organisms to animals or non-photosynthetic organisms

Why does your 1999 Saab 93 4-cylinder automatic shudder when coming to a stop in addition to intermittant hard braking and lurching when braking as well as very little power in low gears?

There is no simple answer to this question. It is best referred to a knowledgeable Saab technician who has the dianostic tools to narrow down the possible problems. Have it checked out as soon as possible as it could cause an accident.

Which contributes most to the fall of Aztec empire?

Constant war and little or no importance placed on social, agricultural or religious advancement/issues.

Anti-lock brakes are of most use when you are?

Anti-lock brakes prevent the wheels from 'locking up' (i.e. stop rotating) allowing the driver to steer clear of an accident while braking and without skidding. The previous answer was correct but it is not true in all cases as using ABS on some surfaces i.e. gravel and ice will actually increase braking distance and a little more skidding.

How does the spinning of the earth affect earth's water?

Very little as it is spinning at a constant speed. However, the moon does affect the Earth's seas, greatly.

How the current in a circuit changes if the resistance increases and the voltage remains constant?

If the resistance increases, the current diminishes. The voltage may drop a little and the multimeter can't read it or can't accuse so little voltage dropping.