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The reason for this is that your motor is burning antifreeze ether from a bad head gasket or cracked head paul It all depends on if the smoke disapears right after it goes out or if it stays and if it is in the winter or summer. If it disapears and it is in the winter there is probably nothing wrong its just like when you breath in the winter time. The water I figure from reading other questions on this site it just condensation. That depends also if it is just a heavy drip for a little while or a poring out of water. Now if it smokes in the summer all the time then you might have a problem.

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Q: What would cause a good amount of water to come out of your tailpipe and white smoke?
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Would a bad head gasket cause loss of oil to come out the tailpipe?

No. A bad head gasket would cause water to come out the tailpipe. You will see white smoke. Leaky rings would cause oil to come out the tailpipe. You will see blue smoke.

What does white tailpipe smoke mean?


What causes the tailpipe to release white smoke?


White smoke coming out of the tailpipe?

white smoke=water. probably the intake or intake manifold.

What can cause a very smelly white smoke from the tailpipe?

The smell of rotten egg is coming from your catalytic converter that is plugged up White smoke is an indication of water (usually antifreeze) in the exhaust.

White smoke and fuel coming out tailpipe on a 94 mustang?

cracked heads, water and oil are mixing

What could cause the car to leak water and white smoke from the tailpipe besides the head gasket?

cracked head or a cracked block cracks may be hard to see with the naked eye

White smoke out tailpipe and no acceleration?

Water in engine. Head gasket most likely. no aceleration because no compression.

Can mixing synthetic oil and regular oil cause white smoke to come from the tailpipe?

I would say no. It sounds like water is entering the combustion chamber from maybe a bad head gasket.

Water coming out of tailpipe?

There could be a couple of reasons why water is coming from a tailpipe. There could be a blown head gasket on the car or a cracked head. A small amount of moisture is a normal byproduct of the burning of gasoline in the engine.

What can cause white smoke from exhaust when heater is on?

I feel these are unrelated but you can investigate a leak in the hoses leading to the heater core as they maybe leaking onto the exhaust pipe, that would produce white smoke, but not from within the tailpipe exhaust. Water and oil leaks will produce white smoke the smell will help you determine which it is.

How can you tell if head gasket is blown?

Water mixed with oil? Oil mixed with water? White smoke out of tailpipe? Lack of compression on 2 adjacient cylinders?

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