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Power Steering box... Steering fluid level low,dirty or needs replacing... If power steering fluid is white then your box is damaged...

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Q: What would cause a grinding noise on a hard right turn on a 4x4 ford ranger?
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What is the cause of a grinding noise that appears in the right front wheel of a vehicle after hitting a kerb?

have it checked you could have bent the axle and the noise would be the bearing

What would cause a grinding noise when making a hard right turn?

If its front wheel drive possibly an axle.

Have 02 Saturn SL 2 26000 mi grinding noise when turning right or left has new brakes tie rods steering rack all dealer replaced this week still makes grinding sound when turning right left?

Bad wheel bearings usually cause a grinding noise, and are known to only cause it when turning.

Grinding noise coming from the right side on your dodge neon?

Check the brakes for worn pads. The pad backer scraping the rotor is the most common cause of this type of noise.

What would cause a grinding noise every time the steering wheel is turned either left or right worse in warm weather?

the rocks

What would cause a grinding noise when turning the steering wheel to the right in a ford transit?

most grinding noises that come from turning is usually a cv axle that needs to be replaced. Can also be a bad wheel bearing. If you hear the grinding when turning to the right then the left front wheel bearing is bad.

2004 Grand Am Serious grinding noise from front right wheel when making sharp left turns parking etc- no other symptoms?

97 grand am rubbing/grinding noise from right front that is not wheelbearing or brakes

Car makes grinding noise from back right wheel?

If a car is making a grinding noise in the right back wheel, it could be a sign that a wheel bearing is failing. It is necessary to take the car to a qualified mechanic for repair.

What would cause the front right wheel on your 1998 Ford Ranger 4x4 to make a ratcheting winding sound just before you come to a complete stop?

The ratchet winding noise on the Ranger 4x4 could be a wheel bearing or brake issue. There could also be problems in the front differential. Check all three for any problems.The 1998 Ranger noise is most likely coming from a brake grinding against a rotor, or a bad wheel bearing. Either of these can cause serious problems if left unchecked.

What causes a grinding noise from the right passenger side?

Bearings, cv shaft, or brakes.

What can cause a grinding noise in the front end as you drive down the and as you turn the steering wheel you hear a grinding noise?

Had same problem with mine, if you turn right and it grinds, the left hub bearing is going out and vice versa. The weight of the truck is placed on the bad bearing the opposite way you turn. Should sound like a grind but it is a consistent "noise""quiet""noise""quiet".

What would cause a slight grinding noise on right front side of a Toyota Sienna LE 2004 when turning slightly to the left?

Hey Chandra==The tire is probably rubbing something. Turn it to where it is grinding and get out and look an see what is in the way. GoodluckJoe

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