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This most likely sounds like your water pump is on its way out. HAVE IT CHECKED IMMEDIATELY.

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Q: What would cause a grinding sound when accelerating straight and a loud whirring at all speeds with the engine temperature a little higher than normal?
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Why does my Citroen Picasso make a whirring noise when accelerting from first to fourth?

You are hearing a whirring when accelerating first to fourth because you are accelerating too fast and the whirring noise results. If you accelerate normally then you won't hear the whirring sound.

Why does my car make a whirring sound when accelerating?

There are a number of reasons why your car may be making a whirring sound when accelerating. You may have a lose part for example.

Whirring sound when accelerating on 95 camaro sounds to be coming from rear what could this be?

Possible diff. bearings

What would cause a shrill whirring sound from front driver's side when accelerating?

More than likely... the power steering belt.

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Why have i got a Noise from 92 Japanese import gearbox when in gear and slowing down?

Please describe the noise, and as much information about it as you can so we can begin helping you troubleshoot. Is it a whirring, grinding, whining, or other type of sound? Do you hear the sound from all gears, or just specific ones? Do you notice the sound at any specific RPM points? Do you hear it when decelerating but NOT applying brakes? Do you hear it when accelerating? Do you hear it when maintaining a steady speed on a level road? Does it ever seem to vary in volume according to any other conditions?

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How do you get the water to work on a fridge It stopped working and is not making ice.?

Either the fridge has broken down (motor broken can you hear it whirring?) or the temperature sensor has failed, or the fuse has blown (does the light come on when you open the door). Try changing the setting of the temperature control.

What is whirring noise in 2003 Chevy Avalanche?

the fuel pump

What are the symptoms of a bad Bendix?

a whirring noise coming from the starter

What does a whirring sound in a manual transmission mean?

needs grease in transmission

What does it mean if you turn your car key and it makes a whirring sound?


What would cause a small whirring noise while driving?


How do fix a 1995 caprice transmission?

Depends on whats wrong with it (missing gears or slipping) If it is missing 2nd, 4th, and reverse and makes a whirring or grinding noise the reaction shell is broken or if it is slipping the clutch packs are "burned" in either case it needs to be professionally rebuilt because special tools are required

Would a bad power steering pump make your car sound weird?

Yes. When it starts to get low you will start to notice a grinding or whirring noise when you turn the wheel. As it continues to get lower the noise becomes more constant and loud. I personally think it sounds like a transformer (robot) that needs its hinges oiled.

What causes humming sounds in your ear?

I have a whirring sound in my ears Can you tell me what is causing it?

What is a whirring wind storm starting with the letter C?

That's probably a 'cyclone'.

Your 1995 Renault espace has a whirring sound in the engine when trying to start fitted new battery but still fails to start?

my espace had similar fault - odd whirring noise but no engine turnover - problem was timing belt.

Why is your car making a whirring sound especially during acceleration?

Depending on what kind of "whirring" sound you are referring to, it can either be your catalytic converter or some problem with the exhaust system. Most likely the catalytic converter if its what I'm thinking of.

Why does engine continue to make whirring noise after it is shut off?

The car has an electric cooling fan that is temperature controlled. The fan will sometimes run for a while after the car is turned off to help cool the engine. If the fan doesn't stop after 20 minutes, then you can start looking into problems with the relay, or the coolant temperature sensor.

What happens if you run your car and the wheel bearing needs replacing?

1 the whole wheel can fall off causing a wreck. 2 it will cause a fire from friction possibly causing a wreck. 3 it will waste a lot of your gas. 4 it can lock up the whole wheel causing a wreck. 5 it will make grinding and whirring sounds.

What would cause rear differential chatter?

If rear differential noise occurs while accelerating the car only at a certain speed, it is likely because the gears have become worn due to overloading and lubrication failure. ... Rumbling and whirring noises at speed over 20 mph, moreover, can be the result of worn carrier bearings.

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What could cause a whirring slight squeak sound coming from right front side of car 02 Kia spectra only when accelerating- not when breaking or riding along?

Hi, it sounds like a faulty wheel bearing on the passenger side (not a difficult repair), but could also be a CV joint although they usually click when worn out. Ray