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He probably feels it is too expensive to get laser treatment for tattoo removal, also it is painful. Try asking if he will get the name filled in with color in the same color as the name to hide it? Tattoo artists are creative, they could do something with it and make into a completely different thing. Or he can always get a strike-through with the new wife's name above the old one. ;) Seriously though, any method of removal (traditional invasive or non-invasive laser procedures) are very painful and expensive. I'm sure he figures he can be spending that money better towards his family than getting someone's name removed from his body. Maybe if he investigates more about tattoo removal he might feel more comfortable. If it's just a name, it can't be too large, so it may not be as expensive or painful as he expects.

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Q: What would cause a husband not to remove a tattoo of his ex's name from his body?
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