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The knocking sound could be the doors of the vents closing when you turn it off,they are controlled by vacume.Or it could be the plastic making the sound due to change in temperature. If it is a early to mid 90's Chevy it is most likely the actuator solenoid that controls the recirc or fresh air. If it is it will knock for about a minute and 30 seconds when you start the vehicle and about the same wheen you turn it off.

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2005-12-20 23:53:13
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Q: What would cause a knock sound in the dash after turning off the AC-heat?
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Suspension is the most likely cause of your knock when turning. The part responsible is probably your tie rod, which is what allows you to turn the steering knuckle. They are inexpensive and easily replaced. You can avoid an alignment fee by being careful with your measurements during replacement.

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