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There could be several things causing a knock in the top of your engine, most likely is that you are not using premium fuel.

Depends on the engine if its diesel the answer should be right, if its petrol it could as well be a whole bunch of other stuff.

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Q: What would cause a knocking sound in the top of the engine when the car is in gear on an older Mercedes Benz?
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What would cause the engine to cut out when it is hot?

The year, make, model and engine size would help us help you. In older vehicles (pre-fuel injection) vapor lock was an issue.

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What kind of gas is best for Volkswagens?

Newer VW's (last 20 years), it doesn't really matter. Cheaper, low octane gas can cause knocking (early detonation), but the knock sensor will retard the car's ignition timing preventing knocking, but this will cause slightly poorer gas mileage. Thing is, the extra cost of the poor gas mileage isn't more expensive than the cost of higher octane gas, so it's pretty much a wash. Older VW's without knock sensors can have poorer gas mileage with cheap gasoline. This knocking will happen under hard acceleration. The knocking will be worse with higher compression (over 1: 8.5) engines like in the GTi, Cabriolet and Scirocco.

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On older 300ZX's equipped with a timing belt it will cause internal engine damage if the belt breaks as they are interference engines.

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Lumpy acceleration is often the case with diesel engines. If you own a newer Mercedes, you could check with different Mercedes tuning companies. What you need is a chip or powerbox, which will electronically adjust your engine in such a way that your engines power and torque goes up (through optimized engine computer), and your miles a gallon might also go up. I estimate that a power increase of about 10 to 30 horsepowers is possible. You can check out different Mercedes tuners, for example Brabus or Lorinser. If you own an older model, you can still search for a chip on the internet. If you can't find anything, an individual chip tuning might be possible through analysing your engine by a tuner. However, I'm not sure if the second suggestion is a realistic one.

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What causes steering wheel vibration during acceleration?

During acceleration? I'm not sure. But when both idling and acceleration the engine's combustion can cause a lot of vibration in the steering wheel if you are in an older vehicle.

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Is Amsoil good in an older high mileage engine?

Yes, if the engine is in good mechanical condition and has no visible leaks.

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Why does your citroen xsara Picasso make a knocking noise when turning left or right?

Assuming this is an older car a knocking noise on turning could mean one of the drive shafts is worn. Other things to check - are the bolts tight on the front wheels, if a very high mileage it could be worn wheel bearings.

Is it OK to use regular gasoline in a high-compression engine?

My advice is to use exactly what the manufacture recommends on any older car. Using 87 octane in an engine that requires 91 octane will cause pre-detonation (pinging) and will eventually cause engine damage on older vehicles. On newer vehicles where the manufacture says, premium fuel recommended you can use 87 octane fuel. The fuel management system will adjust for the lower octane fuel. You will have a slight loss of power but no other problems. On vehicles were the manufacture say's premium fuel required you must use premium or you will damage the engine over time.

What could be a cause for the check engine light to come on?

A lot of things. Most auto parts stores will check it for free. May take a few stops to find a store that can check a 95 and older.

How do you price a older car with new engine?

That depends on the condition of the car.

What is a part of an car engine that starts with car?

older engines have carburators

What weight oil would be best in an older GMC 454 engine?

The recommended weight of oil in an older GMC 454 engine is 5 W 30. This oil can be purchased at any auto parts store.