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If the leak is oil either an upper or lower oil seal (crankshaft or camshaft). If the leak is antifreeze, freeze out plug or for a four cylinder, potential head gasket, thermostat housing. or possibly the water pump has gone bad

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Q: What would cause a leak behind the timing belt cover on a 1997 Honda Accord?
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What cause a 1995 Honda accord to bog when you floor it?

Fuel filter?Air filter?Timing belt?

How do you know if your 92 Honda Accord has jumped timing?

Can your pully holding alternater belt and ect. coming loose and belts coming off cause my Honda to jump timing ?

What would cause a sudden oil leak behind the timing belt cover on a 1992 Honda Accord LX?

A bad seal, worn bearings, or maybe even a bent crankshaft.

What would cause your 97 Honda Accord to turn over and backfire?

Engine timing is VERY retarded. My first guess: the distributor clamp has loosened.

1996 Honda Accord check engine light flashing?

The check engine light may be flashing on a 1996 Honda Accord if a timing issue is detected or oil pressure is low. The exact cause can be determined by connecting an OBDII code reader.

Does bad water pump on 1990 Honda accord cause overheating?

Yes it does also once Ur working there might as well change timing belt

What could cause your 87 Honda Accord to not start?

No battery.

Why would a 1989 Honda Accord stall on acceleration?

There are several things that can cause your 1989 Honda Accord to stall on acceleration. The most common cause is a plugged or dirty air filter.

Does 2009 Honda Accord 4 cylinder have a timing chain or belt?

It has a timing chain - and you really need to keep up on your oil changes; dirty oil will cause the chain to wear and stretch, which causes other problems.

What will cause a 95' Honda accord to have problems starting and stay running?


Why does the gas gauge in my 1984 accord not work?

cause its a pice of s honda

What can cause spark plug get wet in a 1996 Honda accord?

Yes but, wet with what ?

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