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What would cause a leak behind the timing belt cover on a 1997 Honda Accord?


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2005-11-12 22:09:32
2005-11-12 22:09:32

If the leak is oil either an upper or lower oil seal (crankshaft or camshaft). If the leak is antifreeze, freeze out plug or for a four cylinder, potential head gasket, thermostat housing. or possibly the water pump has gone bad


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Can your pully holding alternater belt and ect. coming loose and belts coming off cause my Honda to jump timing ?

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A bad seal, worn bearings, or maybe even a bent crankshaft.

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The check engine light may be flashing on a 1996 Honda Accord if a timing issue is detected or oil pressure is low. The exact cause can be determined by connecting an OBDII code reader.

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Engine timing is VERY retarded. My first guess: the distributor clamp has loosened.

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