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Dealer says its in the front window somewhere, on my car, anyhow, almost every z-24 i look at has this annoying leak, i never checked the car for leaks that the dealer claimed to fix, but they did mention its on the front window a frame, that seal goes bad, anyhow, if ya pull the entire front window and re-seal it, i think that's the cure, I am about to do my newest cavalier soon, but I will prolly forget to come back and answer this more, the dealer is prolly right...I own a Z 2/4 91 and from experience with this problem, I live in an area with many trees and the decayed leaves drop through the cowling slots located above the heater motor which clog up the drain holes, which allow water to enter the interior through the flooring on the passerger side when raining; to correct, a straightened out coat hanger pushed in the cowling pushes the debris out a rubber flap door above the rack for steering keep working wire till water can be poured in cowling and you notice the water exiting freely. I do this about once every season and the watered interior has ceased for me. NOTE an opening is on the drivers side also, but in my case this side doesent seem to get clogged just the one on the passengers side. I`ve had quarts of water in the interior of my car until this cleanout was performed. Rogerak1

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 17:53:30
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Q: What would cause a leak inside the 1991 Chevrolet Cavalier when it rains?
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