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a tumor, or your dog bumped into something, or has a cut infection.

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What would cause a lump on the left side of a dog behind the ribcage?

Sometimes these are previous injuries or fatty lumps, but any lump should be check out by a vet. Please do so ASAP.

Where would the veterninarian make an incision to access the rumen of a cow surgically?

On the left side behind the ribcage.

Where is the heart located in the body?

In the ribcage The heart is located in the ribcage. this would be an 8th grader nd i would just like to say this kid man dude whatever is highly mistaccen the heart is behind ur sturnum

What would cause pain in lower left ribcage?

If You were to get punched really really hard :D

Is there anything that I can do at home for flank pain?

The only thing you could do for flank pain is to try to avoid sugar and things that would cause any damage to your kidneys.

What would cause discomfort in stomach and 2 lumps on each side under ribcage?

Fatty tissue,Lipoma

What was the blitzkrieg of France?

it is a tacit that the Nazis used when attacking an enemy, they would attack the front of the enemy and the circle around and flank them from behind.

What is a car flank by the kerb?

It would be what you call the NEARSIDE

What does flank mean in the battle of marathon?

The "flank" when referred to in these terms means the side or sides. Therefore you would be instructed to protect the left or right flank (side) or to protect the flank (both side)

What organs protect the rib cage?

Well, to answer the question directly, skin protects the ribcage. If the question reversed (what organs does the ribcage protect?), then my answer would be that the ribcage primarily protects the heart and lungs, although it does protect the spleen and, to a lesser extent, the liver and stomach.

What would happen if there was no ribcage in your body?

we would puncture our heart and lungs.

Where would you find a flank on a horse?

The flank on a horse is the part between the abdomen and the fore-part of its hind legs.

What would cause fast pulse in or around ribcage?

Besides certain chemicals (such as epinephrine), fast pulse will often come from excitement, fear, nervousness, or exercise.

What are the horses ribcage bones in a horse called?

Ribs, just like with any other animal. But if you're talking about the ribcage as a whole from the outside, that would be the barrel.

Do monkeys eat flank steak?

No. They would throw up if they did.

What would happen if the skull or the ribcage were soft instead of hard?

you would most likely die.

What would cause blood buildup behind the eyeball?

The two most common causes for the blood build up behind the eyes would be high blood preassure and diabetes.

If your bra size is a 36C does that mean you're full chested?

No. It means you have a ribcage that measures 36 inches (no adding numbers), and a bust that measures 39 inches, as a C cup only means there is a 3 inch difference between the ribcage and the bust. Each breast would only have about an extra 1.5 inches of projection compared to the ribcage. A 36C would be someone with a wide ribcage, or overweight (depending on the person's body frame), with proportionally small breasts.

Define the flank of a volcano?

The side or rear of the area where magma flow would be.

Pain on left side under ribcage?

Things on the patients' left hand side, under the ribcage include the heart, a lung, part of the stomach and spleen. Heart pain is quite distinctive chest pain - you'd know if this were the cause. Lung pain would worsen on breathing, but bending would probably make no difference. Spleen pain is like a stabbing in the side, along the lower edge of the ribcage (the spleen is normally just tucked underneath your ribs, but it can enlarge). Either way, it's probably best to see a doctor.

What would cause Pain in the your right arm in the middle behind your elbow?

Hitting your funny bone

What are flank steaks and how do you marinade them?

Flank steaks are different from most steaks, as they are more lean, more tender, and more tough, all at the same time. Marinating flank stakes, however, require the exact same marinating process as any other steak would require.

What should you do when you are going behind a horse?

When going behind a horse, you should: 1. Either stay six feet behind the horse, or be right behind it (only if you know it is a good horse) 2. Talk to the horse softly so it knows you are behind it The reason to stay right behind the horse is so that if the horse kicks you, it won't be able to kick very good, because you would be so close. Tip: Don't touch a horse's flank, that's where most horses are ticklish.

Why wouldn't you want compact bone throughout the entire body?

We would be heavy and inflexible . And breathing would be impossible with a solid ribcage.

Why does the human ribcage not go all the way to the pelvis?

Because if it did we would not be able to bend in ways we can now

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