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a tumor, or your dog bumped into something, or has a cut infection.

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Q: What would cause a lump on the left side flank of a dog behind the ribcage?
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Where would the veterninarian make an incision to access the rumen of a cow surgically?

On the left side behind the ribcage.

What would cause a lump on the left side of a dog behind the ribcage?

Sometimes these are previous injuries or fatty lumps, but any lump should be check out by a vet. Please do so ASAP.

What would cause pain in right flank and now hurting in testicles?

kidney stone.

What would cause pain in lower left ribcage?

If You were to get punched really really hard :D

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Is there anything that I can do at home for flank pain?

The only thing you could do for flank pain is to try to avoid sugar and things that would cause any damage to your kidneys.

What would cause discomfort in stomach and 2 lumps on each side under ribcage?

Fatty tissue,Lipoma

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