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Incorrectly installed brakes that cause the anti-rattle clips to rub. Bent dust shield are the most common, I have seen.

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Q: What would cause a metal scrapingsqueeking sounds when turning left that goes away when you turn the wheel to the right?
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What would cause a metal to metal grinding sound near the front end of a 2001 expedition?

A bad wheel bearing also when turning it sounds worst or straight driving

What causes a 91 corolla to sound like metal on metal when turning the key?

That sounds like the starter isn't hitting the flywheel like it suppose to!

What would cause 1994 Metal on metal noise from tire?

Sounds like you need new brakes. When they get worn down they make a metal on metal sound.

What would cause a squeaking or squealing noise when backing up or making a sharp turn?

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What is the metal grinding noise after replacing 2 rear rotors resurfacing fronts and new pads thatoccurs only when turning left somewhat when turning right?

Sounds like you've got a bad driveshaft.

What would cause a rattle like metal on metal in the front suspension of a 1999 Tahoe when going over bumps?

Sounds like the shock bushings are worn out are loose.

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Sounds like worn out shock absorbers.

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Why would the left front brake make the metal to metal sound when the car turns to the right?

one possible cause is a bad wheel bearing one that wheel. it will allow the wheel to lean excessivly when turning. I've had this happen on my jeep several times.

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