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What would cause a misfire on a 05 Pontiac grand prix?


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2011-11-21 03:50:13
2011-11-21 03:50:13

you might wanna chage the plugs and wires. what other symptoms does the car have. i am having the same problem in my 2003 Pontiac grand prix gt

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Bad plug? Bad wire? Bad piston or valve (do a compression test)

A whistling noise indicates a vacuum leak.

Would this cause the car not to start If the EGR VALVE is bad

water temp sensor wire grounding out could cause this problem.

windshield leaking heater core or heater core hoses.

There are several things that can cause your 2003 or Expedition to misfire. The most common cause is a plugged catalytic converter.

the problem may be that the timing chain or belt has broken

I own a '97 Pontiac grand am where would i find the spark plugs so i can change them?

No it wouldn't the only thing that would fit would be before 997 from 1997-2001 u can interchange

How many connections should a alternator have on a 96 Pontiac grand prix

Yes It would if its 2.3L engine size. Also, fits Oldsmobile Achieva of same year. Thanks

It could, along with anything else that can cause a misfire.see related question below.It could, along with anything else that can cause a misfire.see related question below.

yes it should bolt right up as well as the original motor and tranny

yes,if the inner vacuum bladder is cracked it could cause a vacuum leak,this could cause a problem at idle also.

i have heard that there is a resistor in line, under the hood connected to the ac compressor that can cause it to act up

A bad fuel pump can cause your 1998 Pontiac Grand Am engine to randomly stop running. The fuel pump might be working at times and then at other times not working.

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