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You need to contact your service provider to give them your SIM car number, that way then can register it to your current service.

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My computer gives me an error message about my video card.?

Most laptops cannot have their video card upgraded. You would have to buy a new laptop in order to play this game. When you get that error message it means your laptop is not good enough.

Where can one get a christmas card message?

Many websites offer a Christmas Card message for either a handmade card or as an e-card. Homemade-Gifts-Made-Easy and Greeting-Card-Messages are a couple of examples.

What do you do with an invalid SIM card in a Quickfire?

You would get the Invalid SIM message if you insert onto the phone a SIM from a different carrier. This means that the phone is locked, so you would need to unlock the phone first before you can use the phone on a different service provider.

When you enter your sim it says no service?

If your cell phone has a sim card, your phone may say out of service if you are far from a town or city. A phone needs a cell tower to work, so you may get an out of service message if you are not close to cell tower.

How would you report a lost or stolen credit card?

Call customer service

How do you transfer photos from computer to memory card in camera?

With the camera or a card reader connected, copy them just as you would copy any other files from place to place on your computer. If this doesn't answer your question leave me a message on my message board

How does one send Christmas messages?

To send a Christmas message, the best way would be to purchase a Christmas card and write and send the card to the person. This has a more sentimental value than sending an e-mail or an online message.

Would voice mail work if sim card was cut up?

Yes you still can by checking your message from a landline

Can you use the same sim card to activate a phone with a different service provider?

With a different service provide you would have to get your mobile unlocked.

What would the best greeting card be for my grandmother?

There are always the hallmark cards. They allow you to say what you want into the card and when your grandmother opens it she will be able to here your voice and listen to your message.

Is credit card a product or service?


How can I report my capital credit card stolen?

You would have to call the customer service of your Capital One credit card company. They can cancel your card and issue you a new card that will arrive in a few weeks.

How can one obtain a CHASE bank credit card?

One can obtain a CHASE bank credit card by contacting their customer service representative by phoning, send them a message through their secured email or by simply visiting their branch office.

Is it proper to send a sympathy card to a Pakistani family that lost their child?

Yes it is. A personalized message on it would also be nice.

Will a missing PCI card cause reboot?

Removing a PCI card from a system should generally not cause any boot problems. Probably the only exception would be if the card was a RAID controller, and you moved the drives to another controller.

What two services must an OS provide for a PC card to work?

The Socket service and the Card service

Winco foods gift card balance?

To find out the balance on your WinCo gift card, you can stop by the customer service counter and they can check it for you in person. That is the fastest way. If you would rather do it online, you can send them a message through their website (, with the full number of the gift card, and they should get back to you in two or three days. You can also visit web sites like to check gift card balances online.

How does an American Express card work?

question why would you get da card if u don't know how to use it. How about u try and call the customer service.

What two services must an OS provide to PC card to work?

Windows must provide two services for a PC Card or Express Card: a socket service and a card service. The socket service establishes communication between the card and the notebook when the card is first inserted. The card service provides the device driver to interface with the card after the socket is created. (A+ 7th edition by Jean Andrews, pgs.1109-1110).

What is a credit card merchant service and what does it do?

A credit card merchant service refers to a company that will sell you products you need for your business, such as credit card machines, cash registers, etc. The merchant service will bill your company, just like a credit card.

Are City thank you cards recommended?

When giving a thank you card, it is the gesture that counts. It does not matter what kind of card is given. If you would like to give a thank you card of your city, that is completely acceptable. A short message inside personalizing the card is always a nice gesture as well.

What is E1 card?

A card that is used to take in telecom circuits from service provider in Europe. In the US this would be a T1 card. E1 cards have 30 channels each one capable of taking a "call".

What is the message for card 33 in the 39 clues?

The answer is: Bald rat

How would I make a gift out of a month's cell phone service?

You can call their cell phone company and have them bill their next bill with your credit card. The easiest way to do this would either be online or with customer service.

What to write in a book given for a baby shower instead of a card?

When giving a book instead of a card for a baby shower, write a message to the unborn or newborn child. This can be a welcome to the world message or a message to promise to read this book to them when you visit them each time.