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You better try to use another batery first. or clean batery poles or put new ones ok.If that does not work then you put a new starter

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Q: What would cause a new starter to click on a 1990 Toyota pickup?
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Why does my 1990 Toyota SR5 starter click?

Low battery voltage will cause clicks, and it is also possible that the starter solenoid is too worn in which case replacing the whole starter is best.

I have an 86 Toyota pickup It will not start It just goes click click click Changed the battery Still the same thing I changed the starter Still the same Can anyone help?

Check your alternator and your connections form the battery to the Starter. You may just have a bad connection If that does not work, your solenoid on your starter has gone bad, a new solenoid or starter may be needed. Check the start switch on the clutch pedal if so equiped.

How do you remove starter 1988 Nissan pickup with v6?

go to auto enter vehicle info.then look up starter,then click on repair guide and it will tell you.

What could cause a 2001 Dodge Intrepid to click when trying to start?

the solenoid on your starter is finished, replace the starter......

Why does my Toyota tercel click when I try to start it?

This is usually a sign that your battery is dead or close to it. sometimes it can be a faulty starter though or even starter solenoid/relay.

Why is your 1995 Toyota 4-runner not turning over with a good battery?

Do you have any click in the starter itself but still not turning over? Then its the starter giving you fits. Replace it. If no click is heard then it could be a fuse or more likely the starter relay. Check them both before moving to the starter.

What is wrong with a 1994 Toyota Camry if you hear a click like from a solenoid when you turn the ignition switch but the starter doesn't engage?

Could be that the battery is dead or the starter is bad.

When you try to start your 1997 Toyota Corolla its just clicks what is wrong?

To give a generic answer, it kinda depends on what type of click. If it is a rapid click-click-click-click... it is probably a dead (or near dead) battery. If it is just one solid "click", it is probably your starter. The single click is the sound of the selinoid clicking in to try to engage the starter. If the starter is faulty, it won't engage and turn your engine over to start.

Why would a 1999 Toyota Corolla starter click but not start the vehicle?

Sounds like either a weak battery (bad cable corroded) or starter solenoid needs to be replaced

Where is the starter solenoid located on a Mazda B2200 pickup?

right side of the engine bay, on the starter. if it's broken, it will click, that will help you identify it. you can buy a manual at the auto store and return it if you're low on cash.

1989 Nissan Pickup wont start please help?

I need more information. Does the starter turn over the engine? Do you hear a click when you try to start it?

What does it mean when all I get is a click when I start my 1994 Toyota Tercel?

It most likely means something's up with your starter or it's electrical components/wiring.

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